Gamereactor: Gamescom 2010 Preview

Almost all the major players are in Cologne this year. Sega are staying at home, and Capcom are sulking at a nearby hotel (probably unhappy about the German's hatred for zombie related violence), but apart from them everyone is there.

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Darkfiber3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Man, I really hope Guild Wars 2 lives up to its potential. That's probably my most anticipated game of next year. Looking forward to seeing Gothic 4 as well, I'm just hoping it's good. I don't like that Piranha Bytes isn't working on it since Risen was a phenominal RPG (on PC at least) especially for its budget; they seem to have gotten their shit together since Gothic 3. Graphically, Gothic 4 looks very impressive but it's coming out within a week of Two Worlds 2, a very similar looking game. Still remains to be seen which is going to be better, or if either of them are good at all.

crackerjack73733110d ago

wowowowowowow great games lineup cant wait to see tons of trailers etc, maybe a little ps3 cross game chat?