Activision Releases Details on Q4 Lineup

Wondering exactly what Activision has up its sleeves this holiday season? Wonder no more.

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big_silky3110d ago

Anything I haven't played already?

jack_burt0n3110d ago

Oh sh*t, why lucas give publishing to activision!?! shame.

ThePlaystationFour3110d ago

the line up looks just like last years..

Next Year Line Up

- GoldenEye 007.2
- James Bond: Mad Love
- Tony Hawk: The World Tour!
- DJ Hero 3
- World of Warcraft: Cataclysm DLC
- Guitar Hero: Warriors of Jazz
- Call of Duty: Orange Op
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III
- Prototype II
- Spiderman warriors!

Karum3109d ago

Now I'm going to feel terrible about buying The Force Unleashed 2.

Depending what else is out around that time I might end up buying it used...I just begrudge Activision any of my money.

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