World of Tanks showcases Tank Destroyer Trailer

Ready to become death, the destroyer of worlds (or at least, other tanks)? There is a new World of Tanks gameplay trailer that's likely to get you hot and bothered, as it showcases the devastating power of the tank destroyer class.

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mrv3213206d ago

Isn't this a bit you known silly, having a tank simulator with balanced teams :P

I have nothing but praise for the brave men and women who laid down their lives for the freedom of any nation which believes in liberty and fairness but man did we under supply them.

Take for example D-DAY, on the American beaches the tanks never arrived leaving soldiers alone to clear the barbed wire which was only there because the tanks where supposed to be there. Or even better the push into occupied France where German 88 position would surrender not because they got surrounded but rather they ran out of ammo. The Sherman wasn't the best of tanks. German tanks often had to out numbered 5:1. Now forgive me if I'm mistaken but there was a story regarding a German tank general who went into a village and destroyed 30 armoured vehicles.