Pokemon Black and White battle footage sways Joystiq's opinion, A Preview

Joystiq has posted a new battle video of Pokemon Black/White which shows the new, revamped battle animations and graphics, as well as the new 2 on 2 pokemon battles.

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RedDead4500d ago

camera actually looks sorta annoying. Same battle system with an annoying camera...woohoo/s

SeanRL4498d ago

This looks the EXACT same as when I used to play pokemon yellow on my gameboy.

Kakkoii4498d ago

Oh really? Pokemon yellow had at rest animation, fancy attack animation and moving camera?

Oh wait, no it didn't.

This a a fair change over previous games. There isn't a whole lot you can change with the battle system without people complaining. This is realistically all they could do, apart from switching to a completely 3D game.

And if you've actually seen some of the walking around gameplay, the game world is actually built for the most part with polygons now, in 3D. It's a nice step in the right direction.

iPlayGamez4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

actually pokemon silver on gameboy color has better unique animations then the ds versions(until black/white), nintendo has obviously stopped caring after crystal, seriously in the gb color game each pokemon had 8-10 UNIQUE frames of animations while in diamond a DS game the pokemon only have 2 frames with some lame streachy effect, hell some dont have any at all. i say this cause i dislike people praising pokemon when i think Every thing about it is getting worse. in black and white the pokemon finally animate. like come on people this could/should have been done on GBA since it was at SNES level but no nintendo decided to not put any time/effort into it and pokefanatics bought 10s of millions. pokemon used to be one of my favorite franchises i can start playin crystal from beggining and just play it all through no matter how old i get, it is timeless to me.

MrLife4498d ago

I agree with both of you, I'm still waiting for the "revolution" they promised

Quadrix4498d ago

I refuse to buy another Pokemon game till they remove random battles.

Quadrix4498d ago

"Lazy programming."

^Fixed your post for you.

Kakkoii4497d ago

That's lazy programming how exactly?

That's like saying not having an option for infinite health in games is lazy programming. Just because you might prefer it to be one way or another does not make it lazy programming.

RockmanII74498d ago

wait, where were the attack options. They just attacked without a menu where you select the attack, so can your guy only do 1 attack now?

Quadrix4498d ago

Durr, the touch screen?