IGN: Halo: Reach Clip of the Day - Let's Go Camping

Camping is so overrated, especially when nobody wanders into your sights. Sometimes, you just have to come out swinging.

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Thrillhouse3199d ago

IGN's clips are barely doing it for me after 343 has been releasing full gameplays.

FatGuyStrangler473199d ago

Clip was too short, but graphics and gameplay are looking top-notch for this game

RedDead3199d ago

What a shit video. IGN just choose random clips and say they are clip of the day. There's much better clips than thhis of Reach, these clipos make the game look bad

m233199d ago

These clips suck, I'm glad we got a full match on reflection and zealot from halowaypoint.

Killzoned3199d ago

damn it sure takes a lot of bullet to kill one

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