What Will Microsoft Do If Kinect Fails?

DualShockers writes: "Our video guru in the U.K., Rob, has some strong feelings about Microsoft's Kinect, and he enjoys expressing them in...interesting ways. You know, playing dress-up and such. Why is Microsoft touting the specifications of the device and yet showing games that look like total crap? What will Microsoft do if Kinect fails? How strong a possibility is that? Has Rob gone off the deep end? Well, I suppose this video will only answer one of those questions, the others are left up to your own personal opinion. Check out the video for a glimpse at what Rob sees the future is for the console giant if their latest controller-free masterpiece fails."

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Chadness3205d ago

Hilarious! Yet, oddly I can somehow see this happening...

deadreckoning6663205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Well, with the way they're advertising it, I don't see it failing with anyone except the hardcore minority. However, if it did fail(as far as sales and quality games are concerned) then I guess Microsoft would have ta go back to the drawing board.

Rob, I think you need to understand that what may be "shit" to you can be gold for another person. With the Justin Bieber/Macy's advertisements, you(and the Kinect haters on N4G) should realize that Kinect is not targeted to the hardcore. I don't understand why people compare it to the Move. They are two COMPLETELY different products, that do COMPLETELY different things, meant for COMPLETELY different audiences.

@iamnsuperman- Well, thats assuming that the final version of Kinect has significant lag. We obviously don't know what the final version of Kinect will be like since we don't have time machines to transport ourselves 3 months into the future. I just find it funny that many on N4G are complaining about the faults of a product that isn't even geared towards them in the first place.

Its like complaining about Ben Affleck's bad acting...even though no one is making you watch Ben Affleck movies. From my point of view, its all just senseless bitching.

iamnsuperman3205d ago

I think it will do well to start with but then the reports on the problems (like sitting down and lag things like that) that the hardcore gamers have seen will hit the general public because they have tried it for them selves

taz80803205d ago

You need to watch the video, it is a funny non serious statement.

Rob is seriously hilarious. Everyone owes it to themselves to watch the whole video and I guarantee you will laugh

iPlayGamez3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

i think if kinect fails MS will abandon it. i doubt they will try to revive it even though people paid 150$ for it. and lol at the quick scope kill while taking a dump

boodybandit3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

hardcore and minority on the 360 go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise.

The 360 userbase is anything but casual. That is the single biggest reason I myself am avoiding Kinect like my I do my wife 5 days a month. ;)

Chadness3205d ago

I actually agree with you, each person has their own gaming style and their own opinions. This is one man's opinion. I do think Kinect will be great for a certain demographic, but it isn't necessarily MY demographic, so, I tend to lean more towards Kinect falling by the wayside.

AAACE53205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

OK, maybe I can irritate you enough to make you quit with these and focus on something else!

OK, if Kinect fails... MS will be crushed and will leave the game industry, fire all of their employees and burn down all of their offices!

Nah, that would make some of you too happy. Let's try this one...

If Kinect fails, MS would be so enraged that they perform a hostile takeover of Nintendo and Sony!

Uh-oh... I might have went too far! I can feel your fanboy rage building up! Take a deep breath... I was joking!

But seriously, these articles about Kinect and Move failing are getting boring! Everything that could be said, has been said... let it go and just wait and see how they perform!

EDIT: Oh yeah, if you are trying to make a point about anything Xbox 360... it would be best not to have a Ps3 controller in the picture!

mcstorm3205d ago

Ive been saying what you have just said from the start. MS are not looking to sell Kinect at the start they want to bring in the none hard core and family's to the console the once the word is out then bring out the hard core games and add it onto games like Fable 3 ect.

Kinect will not fail in the UK or USA as it is the machines strong hold and it will also push the 360 sales well above the ps3s again as move has been shown for the hard core and most hard core already have a ps3. and to the none gamers move looks just like the wii with better graphics but the cost of it will put them off from buying a ps3 with 2 to 4 moves when they can get a 360 with kinect for around £150 less and these are the people who do not buy many games just things like wii fit or wii sports type of games and there will be plenty of those games out for Kinect on release where there will not be as many for move.

I also think MS have something up there sleeve for the hard core as they have not been very vocal about this side sine showing it off at e3 but it was the same between last e3 and this e3.

Out of Move and Kinect I think Move would be more likely to be dropped as it is not really needed for any games that are coming out for it because 99% of them will use the ps3 controller.

Plus Kinect is getting the Hype like the Iphone was where move is not get much.

SilentNegotiator3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Probably add a controller for it.

troncoparati3205d ago

The term "hardcore minority" if my favorite for now on. And I have to agree...this is not aimed to the people that complaint on this kind of forums.

0mega43205d ago

there drop it just like they dropped the kin.

if it doesn't sell well they will cut the project and go back to the drawing board for the next xbox.

R2D23205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

What will PS3 trolls do if Kinect does not fail?

RageAgainstTheMShine3205d ago

Little knowledge of video games business is dangerous.
Microsoft is going to NUKE the whole video game industry with Kinect.

You have been warned.

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siyrobbo3205d ago

trouble is that video is bull, kinect 2 wont work while shitting down, youll have to stand to take a dump

taz80803205d ago


Funny part is when he says just put two of them together and make 6D. Lol

Intestimals FTW!!

thevokillist3205d ago

HAHA! Hilarious! This video is just too funny.

iPlayGamez3205d ago

lol so this video says if the more advance eyetoy fail then MS will make a more advance vitality sensor?

ThePlaystationFour3205d ago

lol I gotta get the Konnect 2.0 after this!


Theonik3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Kinect 2... Meh! I prefer the Kinect 4

outrageous3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Maybe he should ask what will Sony and Nintendo will do if Kinect sells, like many analysts are saying 4-5 million units over the

These kind of threads are great. Can I add a video...AWESOME. Here's what Sony will do when M$ manhandles them this holiday. They will release another product like in this the PS3 guy outside the Best Buy.

BTW...this video has been watched 3.5 million

ukilnme3205d ago

LMAO. I thought that video was funny as hell. It made laugh more than the one that this article is about but I don't see how it is related. I'm sure the SDF will come up with something similar about the 360 if they have not done so already.

Theonik3205d ago

That video is practically ancient, lol. Still have no idea what this video is making fun of. Sony's VCRs maybe? God these things are impossible to setup.

JD_Shadow3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

They already did.

It was called MS's 2010 E3 presentations. :P

bustamove3205d ago

Some of you guys need to stop crying. I thought it was hilarious. And ukilnme? Why do you insist on using the SDF? Not everyone who criticizes Kinect is part of this SDF you keep talking about.

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ABizzel13205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

If Kinect fails, I expect them to announce a new console soon afterwards.

Kinect is only there to keep selling 360's to consumers. And if it fails, MS will lighten the blow (at least media wise) with the announcement of their new console. People will be more interested in a new Xbox rather than focus on Kinect's failures (but Kinect fail jokes and articles will forever be held against the 360).

MS is waiting until 360 demand decreases, or until the PS3 get too close to surpassing the 360 in Worldwide sells. August will be the month to tell if people are really buying 360's since the trade in offers from around the world ended in July. Now people are either buying the older models for $150 and $250, or the new models for $200 or $300 (not including bundles).

The August numbers will be the first step in determining if the new Xbox will be shown at E3 this year (launch Nov. 2011) or shown at E3 next year (launch Nov. 2012).

What determines if we get a new 360.

1. August numbers drop down to pre-Xbox 360 S sales.
2. Kinect sales are up to par with MS's expectations.
3. Holiday sales decrease for last year.

If those 3 things happen a new Xbox will be at E3 2011, which makes since. MS said they going to last longer than average this gen (average is usually 5 years), and they will have by December of this year.

NY_Pride3205d ago

It's not a question of if but when.

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JoelT3205d ago

The funniest thing you've seen in a while, you do not have a pulse.

It is pretty funny how Kinect was once full of all of these extra features and now they're getting yanked out last minute.

big_silky3205d ago

Your statement reminds me of my Ps3 slim. :p

PeterGriffinSays3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Thing is fleshed out to the core. 4 usb ports, blu-ray, built in multi card reader and compatible with every Playstation game in history from 1994 - present.

Odin7773205d ago

I should've kept my 60 gb. I stupidly sold it to get a new PS3 with a bigger hard drive. (This was before I knew I could install Sata harddrives for much cheaper...yes I know, ignorance) But I've still got my PS2 so I don't regret it that intensely.

mrmcygan3205d ago

So what would happen if you have diarrhea

Bedrockk3205d ago

a friggin MRI suite?! WTF LMAO, Rob, u r a friggin nut! well done!

TheTeam063205d ago

Some of those in the industry are expecting Microsoft to give hints at a 360 successor if Kinect were to fail. I can definitely see that happening if it does fail.