Five things you didn't know about 'Kane & Lynch 2'

USA Today writes: "In Eidos' upcoming sequel, bad boys Kane and Lynch find themselves wanted by the entire Shanghai underworld following a botched job -- and so you must help keep the duo alive by any means necessary.

This action-heavy sequel now lets you play as the psychopathic Lynch, who uses weapons and cover (even human shields) against smarter enemies. The loose, documentary-style "camera" adds to the gritty realism, while new online and offline co-op options extend the gameplay long after you've completed the single-player campaign."

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Johandevries3205d ago

List #828383

But hey, I actually didn't know

Playerz83205d ago

Hey, they left one thing out.

That it SUCKS.

But I guess everyone already knew that.

likedamaster3205d ago

Why they made a sequel, after so much controversy and how bad the game was, is beyond me.

I hope Jeff G destroys this game with a 1 out of 5 review. Keep terrible games out of my consoles, dang it.

zireno3205d ago

I've never played a kane and lynch game before (don't know how many are there) but when I played the demo last night I kinda liked it BUT that "handy cam/ documentary style" filter that the game has really killed it for me, I really liked the way the camera moved when you are walking and running, but the look it gives the game, you know, extremely pixelated at times or very fuzzy just doesn't look good, if there was an option to turn it off I would definitely would have picked this game up, but seeing that the demo doesn't have that option and it's very close to release I don't think the developers will include that.

T9X693205d ago

You can turn off the camera shaking. I think the option is called Steady Cam, but if your talking about the security camera type filter, then no sadly you can't turn that off :/

zireno3205d ago

yeah, I was talking about the security type filter, it just makes it look well.... bad, I kinda liked the shaky camera, but that filter, damn it's just no good to me.

Eiffel3205d ago

What the fuck is with people bitching about "Why make a sequel when the first was so bad.." Well shit, I'll go by that logic. You just died in a game, why bother trying again, you already died.

It's an improvement. Kind of like Killzone 2, seeing how the first was beyond shit.

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