Tetsuya Nomura Impressed With Advancing 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Tech

Andriasang: The latest on Aya Brea, showers, tearing clothes and even a bit about FF Versus XIII from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.

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Optical_Matrix3205d ago

Versus XIII will be a god among men.

N4GAddict3205d ago

I hope it is better than 13.

kratos1233205d ago

Lets just hope SE doesnt screw us again ff 13 is really boring in my opinion went back playing DS

Sunny_D3205d ago

Of course he would be impressed. With the power of the PS3's Cell Processor and Blu ray, anything is possible when you make exclusives for the machine that was made for a God.

nickjkl3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

im guessing now final fantasy is using all 6 spus unlike final fantasy 13 where it only used 4 spus

im also wondering wheres the women in final fantasy versus 13

3205d ago
Arnon3205d ago

So what does that make the PC, with it's infinite storage capacity and it's 16-core processors?

jack_burt0n3205d ago


Something that gets an exclusive once a year, is horrendously unoptimized and in need of upgrades every 6 months, not due to being underpowered but simply due to a woeful lack of system optimization and being tied to MS and their bloated dominance of consumer OS and 2 gfx card companies more interested in winning than providing LONG TERM value.

And to just sit and hope that steam takes it all over in the battle of utter shite DRM wars.

I love my pc but most of the gaming experinces on it suck, sorry.

rezzah3205d ago

of course it will be, if you paid attention to how the game will play out you will know that its nothing like FF13. There will be towns, it will be modernize, complete control over the characters in battles like KH.

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ranmafandude3205d ago

everytime i see that gorgeous trailer of this game on youtube, i just go crazy with excitement lol. please nomura finish the 3rd birthday so we can play this masterpiece. hopefully it's 2011 but it seems likely.

Optical_Matrix3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

@theKILLER. LMAO. Are you high or something?

ranmafandude3205d ago

i think he's played his xbox 360 too much.

3205d ago
wissam3205d ago

I am sorry to disappoint you. but the quran cannot be understood in English.

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Lavalamp3205d ago

I definitely prefer these little bite-sized updates for Versus. Keep them coming!

RememberThe3573205d ago

Everything this guy touches turns to gold. He really should be the head of all their creative projects.

Square still has a ton of talent they just need to do more console work. I really think they could be doing a ton of cool stuff if they would focus more on consoles.

Zechs343205d ago

You know if Tetsuya Nomura was ASKED, not told, to help finish Final Fantasy XIII and stop working on VS, and he did, Square knows he is the only one who has any talent left in that company.

DigitalRaptor3205d ago

This game will be beastly, and nothing will stop it being awesome!

byeGollum3205d ago

hype it up .. just like FF13.. you kids will never learn ... same cycle over and over again.. although its entertaining non the less

Zechs343205d ago

We can hype up this game and you can go hype up yet another yearly CoD... Enjoy

byeGollum3205d ago

looks like you got emotional about my comment .. you will be first in line when black ops comes out ... well a yearly product thats decent is better than a product that stay in development for half a decade .. releases and still sucks ... go figure

Zechs343205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Emotional? Funny, I thought it was a well spoken non offensive comment... Guess you're the definition of emo. I am glad you can look into the future and say a game by a professional and established developer is going to blow as opposed to a game I played for the first time in 2007 by the name of Modern Warfare... Ill see you in line for Black Ops since I could at least afford both on whatever system I choose ;)

Edit: "product that stay in development for half a decade .. releases and still sucks ... go figure"

I guess maybe that gave it away that you were referring to Versus... I didn't finish FFXIII? Here, Zechs34, that's my PSN and Live tag. Go see for yourself... And to educate you, no Final Fantasy, whether it takes 2 or 6 years, has ever been the same sh*t, get your facts straight if you are going to attempt to post. Thanks though about the piggy bank comment, I work hard for what I have and enjoy.

byeGollum3205d ago

so you are admitting you will be in line for Black ops, interesting lol.
I said nothing about versus 13 blowin' ...

a lot of ppl hyped up FF13, I bet even you didnt finish that game, now you are unto the next one, you wait half a decade just to go through the same sh*t, dont you find it funny? lol.

Congrats, you got enough in your piggy bank to afford two games.

WLPowell3205d ago

If you paid any attention, you would know that even when XIII was still exclusive, versus had more of the FF fanbase excited. There were PS fanboys that believed XIII wasn't going to be that great to begin with.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Looks like you don't know Tetsuya Nomura. This guy made the most popular FF's and one of the best FF in the Franchise.

He made Kingdom Hearts also, he worked in the movie of Advent Children.

He is the key of success in Square Enix for Final Fantasy.

And he is again the Chief in Versus.

Final Fantasy Versus it is the real Next Gen Final Fantasy we are waiting for.

Don't get fooled by Wada, that guy was the chief of FF XIII and Nomura worked as a Designer only.

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