Hybrid Games - Twisted Metal: Head On : Mini-Review (PSP)

Gameplay : This game is very hard to play without the dual analogue sticks of the PSOne and PS2. Don't kid yourself with other reviews. I bought it and sure it look great, but it is way too hard to control with what the PSP gives you.

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TheLastGuardian3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I hate when old games get reviewed way late and get worse scores than they deserve. Back in the day when the psp first launched this was the first must have game on the psp. Before the servers shutdown this game had the best online play available on psp and still hasn't been topped but Resistance Retribution came close. I'd give the game a 8/10. "Don't kid yourself with other reviews" whatever man, Don't kid yourself by thinking your website will ever be anything more than a blog. What the hell do you mean it's a really bad ported game? First off the port to ps2 was fantastic secondly this is the psp version your reviewing not a port at all you dumbass. This game may feel dated to some who've just gotten into it but to true TM fans like myself, it's a classic. *adds Hybrid games to the list of websites I hate*