Bringing Tales to North America - A Conundrum

DualShockers writes, "As an avid JRPG fan, I watch the news feverishly that comes out of my favorite Japanese developers. You see the results of that a lot if you keep up with the news on this site, because I feel some of these lesser-known titles could use all the press they can get, especially since some of them have the chance to come to Western regions via localization...."

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Ninferno3205d ago

i love it when things come stateside.

Hitman07693205d ago

I agree with the above. The games that release over in Japan always seem to interest me and its a dire shame that more of them don't make it over here. I would die to have some of the games they have. I'm not sure which company if any will end up bringing over these Tales games but I would hope it would be some one with the utmost intentions of restoring the original game's atmosphere and attitude while bringing it to us , the new audience of USA.

ranmafandude3205d ago

and bring it worldwide(primarily America and europe) and everything will be fine.

Redempteur3204d ago

it's really a shame that namco is ignoring all of us asking for it and not at least reassure the fans ..

I remember we ( rpg fans ) wanted ar tonelico 3 ..what did nis americ a do .. they said YES that they'll bring in US , but it will take time .. everyone is happy , no one is bitching ..because it's perfectly understandable that a huge rpg with lot of text takes time to be translated ..
On the other hand , namco is ignoring everyone like jerks when they could just annonce something and maybe generate hype..

Millah3204d ago

Yea Namco is ridiculous. It's almost like a culture thing, and they don't want non-Japanese playing those games, lol. Wouldn't surprise me if that were true though.

Another game that needs to be localized ASAP is Xenoblade. If this gem never gets brought here, I don't knownwhat I'll do. Dammit that would definitely be worthwhile to localize, it would certainly help sales a bit seeing as Xeno is a fairly known series outside Japan.

Obama3204d ago

It's even more ridiculous that they released TOV on the 360 in the west because of MS money bag and lost tons of money as a result.

SaiyanFury3204d ago

I don't know. I think Namco released Vesperia on the 360 because MS tried to appeal to the Japanese fanbase and failed. Also the 360 released a year before the PS3 which is why Eternal Sonata came first on it. It later released on PS3 for which I was grateful. I still believe the PS3 version of Vesperia is coming, even though it's late to the game. Bring it out Namco, you KNOW there's some of us who'll buy it!

Bedrockk3205d ago

the world is too small a place nowadays to not brings all games 2 all gamers. there's nothing wrong w/ more fans. just b/c its not as big in the US as in overseas doesn't mean there isnt a place for it here.

Chadness3205d ago

Agreed completely. I realize localization takes some time, but it shouldn't take as much time as it did in the past. Also, I feel that most, if not all, Japanese games should eventually make their way here in some form or another.

Fine, don't localize the voice acting (it is usually horrendous anyway), but at least the text. Then just leave Japanese voices.

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. ;)

thevokillist3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

It's true, bring it all everywhere! No more exclusivity from other countries!

Mahr3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

"Yes, indeed, Namco-Bandai has a North American publishing branch. So, again, what is the hold up on these Tales titles? Money? If so, why not farm the localization out to other studios who specialize in localizing Japanese titles?"

Politics. Say hypothetically that the localization decision is handled by one man called Company Executive A. He believes the Tales games will never take off in the West and says 'That Tales game will never do well in the West'. So he sells localization rights to let's say Atlus. Bamco receives a bunch of money for this. Atlus then takes the game and localizes it and releases it.

If the game then proceeds to sell well, Atlus then makes a ton of money on it, more money than Bamco made in sellling the rights and which Bamco *would* have made if they had had more faith in their product. Company Executive B, who is A's boss, says "The game sold well, why didn't *we* localize it and get all that money?" and promptly (rightly) fires Executive A from the company for incompetence.

Once Executive A convinces the company that the game is not going to well in the West, it is in his (not our and not the company's) best interest to kill any chance the game has of proving him wrong.

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