How Ellen DeGeneres got Matthew Perry his role in Fallout: New Vegas

Joystiq writes: "Who should ex-Friends star Matthew Perry thank for landing his latest job, a role in Fallout: New Vegas? Not his agent. According to senior producer Jason Bergman, Perry's role was cemented thanks to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. On the April 24, 2009 show, Perry appeared not only to promote 17 Again, but he also gave Ellen an Xbox 360 system with a copy of the game."


Skip to 8:30 in the video.

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Mmmkay3203d ago

Fallout 3 should be everyones favorite game.... Awesome that Perry was hooked though.. :)

EvilBlackCat3201d ago

well he is giving a fallout copy with an xbox 360 so yeah 666.

jjohan353201d ago

The way I see it, video game developers usually get crappy voice actors since they're much cheaper than Hollywood actors. When developers find out a particular Hollywood actor is a fan of one of their games, the developers jump for joy because they can probably hire that actor without having to pay a ridiculously high fee for what a Hollywood actor would normally charge.

If anything, Ellen didn't get Matthew Perry his role. Instead Ellen got Bethesda a real actor for one of the roles.

MaxOpower3202d ago

Naa not really, nor is Matthew Perry. But Fall3 rocks!

Playerz83202d ago

Why is this on here? I don't want to watch Ellen on N4G!

(Hell, I don't want to watch Ellen anywhere)

bobcostus3202d ago

Then don't click on the video? Are you retarded?

Fel083202d ago

"Then don't click on the video? Are you retarded?"


LeonSKennedy4Life3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I love Ellen.

EDIT: Someone apparently believes I don't love Ellen.


Can we change those to "like" and "dislike" buttons, like on Facebook?


Ellen at 17 Years Old > Ellen Present Years Old.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

it's just a Joke -.-

I assume I forgot to add the /s up there.

-Judge_Fudge3202d ago

id love to watch her have lesbo sex...its probably delicious

silkrevolver3202d ago

...her wife is super duper hot. I’m not kidding. Look it up.

Darkstorn3202d ago

Yeah, her wife is the hot chick from Arrested Development. Smokin!

Playerz83202d ago

That's freaking disgusting.

Hellsvacancy3202d ago

"id love to watch her have lesbo sex...its probably delicious" WTF?

-Judge_Fudge3202d ago

what like if they had a sextape with them like you wouldnt watch

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