Media Create hardware totals for July (6/28 - 7/25)

Find out which system came out on top for the month of July in Japan.

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Valay3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

For those wondering, here were the numbers for June (last month):

DSi LL – 93,734
PSP – 89,436
Wii – 77,566
PS3 – 73,380
DSi – 53,911
Xbox 360 – 25,913
DS Lite – 15,285
PS2 – 5,705
PSP go – 3,426

theKiller3204d ago

clearly the price point of psp go is too high!! and maybe the design and other feature isnt good enough to replace psp??

any way, someone who is responsible for psp go needs to be fired!!

the device is too expansive, it suppose to be even more cheaper not more expansive than the original shape since it is smaller and doesnt have UMD support!!

trounbyfire3204d ago

notice how the smaller DS sale less than the bigger one

hakis863204d ago

At least PSP go sold more than in june :P

Amazes me how the PSP 3000 sells though, woah! I tried out the PSP go because I thought the PSP was to big and unpractical because of the discs... But ultimately I didn't really use it - my iPhone is enough portable gaming for now..
I think Iphone and Android phones can actually eat some marketshare here... it will be interesting to see.

Sony better have a kick-ass PSP2 right around the corner; A "PSP phone" isn't good enough - that just like any other android phone and will be dated in a year.

cliffbo3204d ago

i don't think they give a damn to be quite honest. they just see it as more people on PSN and more people to get their friends (who own a 3000) on PSN.

Microshock3204d ago

What the hell gave the DSi LL such a big boost? The things HUGE.
Do people in Japan just buy DS's and then throw them in rivers or something?

SixZeroFour3204d ago

its better than any stone for skipping on water

RageAgainstTheMShine3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Except for the PS3,,, all hacked/modded consoles and handheld gaming devices (Wii, DS lite, DSi, DSi LL, XBOX 360 & PSP) are imported from Japan, US and Europe mainly by 3rd World countries where demand for these consoles are huge due to pirated software business.

To be fair the PS3 is in a different league of its own success because for a non pirated console, the PS3 is doing very well on its own.
So to compare hacked console sales figures to the PS3 is utterly ridiculous.

3204d ago
Peckham-Pouncer3204d ago

So even with the 360 slim the PS3 is still outselling Xbox? Wow if MS didn't have America eating out the palm of its hand the xbox would be dead.

MexicanAppleThief3204d ago

You avatar pic takes me back to those episodes of 'Only Fools And Horses'. Man they rocked :)

ARBitrator3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Couldn't one say the same thing about the PS3 for either America or Japan. So basically since that's not the case, I was just wondering what your point was. Oh I get it, you're striving for popularity.

Peckham-Pouncer3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

No that would only apply if the Xbox was outselling the PS3 4:1 on a regular basis. The PS3 actually has a very decent install base in the US and since 2008/9ish it has grown and continues to grow exponentially.

Trust me i'm a doctor.

edit: lol @poopface Do you REALLY believe that? come on now we all know its not true, the figures dont lie. If xbox has outsold the ps3 worldwide then how has the sales gap closed from 8m to 3m?(ish) funny name though, immature... but funny ;)

poopface13204d ago

thats is why the gap decreased, but now the 360 is outselling the ps3 WW. Thats what I said, and its true. In america alone, the 360 is currently outselling the ps3 by 200K+ per month. I didnt say for the past year, I said right now.

Right now the 360 is outselling the ps3 WW, and the ps3s lead in japan is not even close to enough to offset those sales.

So yeah, the ps3 had been outselling the 360 WW, but it isnt currently.

Millionaire3204d ago


What's your proof? VGchartz? Looking at their chart they're still 2 million behind what Sony reported. How can anyone use it as a way to determine sales is beyond me.

Fact of the matter is that the gap is approximately 3.6m. Sales that we get right now amount to nothing but fodder data until the real company, being MS and Sony, release their sales number.

N4PS3Fanboys3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

First of all, the supposed gap of 3.6 million was before the 360 slim launched. It had outsold the PS3 by about 700,000 units worldwide since then, which would put the gap back up to at least 4.3 million. But the actual sales gap was never 3.6 million. Sony clearly overshipped the PS3 in their last fiscal quarter, which can clearly be seen in this analysis:


"Jan-March 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.2 million
During that time, PS3 sold 950.9k in NPD + 500k in Media Create = 1.45m North America/Japan.

April-June 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.4 million
During that time, PS3 sold 640k in NPD + 250k in Media Create =900k North America/Japan.

So Sony shipped 200,000 more this quarter despite selling 550,000 less in North America and Japan.

No way would the difference be made up in Europe or other areas. Sales would have likely declined there as well. The numbers are pretty clear. Sony shipped a ton more than they sold this quarter to catch up a supply shortage. That should normalize in their next financial report."


Don't even bother responding without acknowledging the above analysis. I'd love to see somebody explain how the PS3 shipped so much more last quarter, but sold so much less. The gap between shipped consoles may be that low, but not sold consoles.

Don't just hit the Disagree button and run away, use facts to dispute what I've posted above.

SixZeroFour3204d ago


region 1
ps3 sells 4 in one week, and xbox sells 1 the same week...4 ps3 : 1 360, differnce of +3 for ps3

region 2
ps3 sells 4 in one week and xbox sells 8 the same week...1 ps3 : 2 xbox, difference of +4 for 360

↑ that example showed that even tho ps3 was 4:1 in one region and 360 was only 2:1 in another, the difference in hardware sold favored the you shouldnt been looking at ratios or percent increase/decrease, but the total number difference cause thats what really matters

Bell Boy3204d ago

Except the Europeans seem rather partial to the ps3 as well as Japam

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poopface13204d ago

The 360 is outselling the ps3 world wide by ALOT. The biggest lead for ps3 is in japan and its only 50K for a month. In america 360 outsells ps3 by over 200K each month now.

If it wasnt for this small lead in japan, the ps3 would be getting decimated by even more worldwide.

cliffbo3204d ago

in the last two months, yes. enjoy while it lasts. it'll go back to what it was very soon. the PS3 outselling the 360 every year.

Millionaire3204d ago

Lol @ this fool.

If it wasn't for US, MS would have abandoned the 360 already like it did with the first Xbox. Lmao

demonddel3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Wow if Sony didn't have Japan eating out the palm of its hand the PS would be dead

Peckham-Pouncer3204d ago

not true, as sony would still have europe and the us to fall back on. PS3 outsells 360 regularly in europe and when GT5 finally hits... more than regularly.

demonddel3204d ago

man ain't nobody checking for no gt5 those days are over its a new era racing don't have that same effect like they did last generation


silvacrest3204d ago

what utter bullshit, where is your PROOF??

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