A Few Unbelievable Death Cases Linked With Video Games

Due to some reason, it is beginning to seem like human beings have got some sort of addiction to the ‘addiction’ itself. Almost every apparently normal individual is now an addict to something. In control, these things can be very useful and beneficial instead of being dangerous. For example, being tech savvy is helpful but nowadays there are people who are addicts to latest technological gadgets and gizmos. They would buy any device that has even the most distant relationship with their likable device. That is why there is so much demand for a MacBook Replacement screen and iPad Parts nowadays. But, another addiction that is involved with the new technology is Video game addiction.

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SeanRL3202d ago

I'd never heard about the 13 year old boy one until now. Holy shit

extermin8or3202d ago

weigh that against the billions of gamers who play normally, and i'd say its not an addiction to gaming that keeps me playing but rather the story in most cases or fun online, its the same with boooks if the storys good i read continuosly until its finished!

writersblock3202d ago



But on a serious note, I doubt out of the 7 billion on this planet that 6 billion can afford to game. Millions is a better estimate

extermin8or3202d ago

i meant like around 1 billion lol but the regardless the number is big

ThePlaystationFour3202d ago

This happens when your an addict. Its best to control yourself. But its really sad what happen to the baby due to the parents. They should be locked up with no food, water, or light until the day they die and meet there makers..

big_silky3202d ago

That 13 year old had to have been schizophrenic or something.

dizzleK3202d ago

i'm waiting for the inevitable mass suicide of what's known as the "sony's gate" cult. they think that by killing themselves they'll end up on a spaceship with kratos, sackboy and kevin butler.

spectyre3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Good one.

yewles13202d ago

360 doesn't wait for IT'S followers to commit suicide, it kills.

Megaman42xX3202d ago

Way to take your fanboyism too far. Both of you for bringing a system into this. This isn't a matter of the system, it's a matter of addiction.

I've never heard of this group and even a google search doesn't bring anything up
Do you have that video bookmarked for occasions like this?

gcolley3202d ago

@Megaman42xX - did you just google someone's made up joke?

Megaman42xX3202d ago

If that was a joke then I've never face palmed so hard in my entire life. But when I read that it didn't look like a joke and I didn't think it was funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.