GT5 Video Shows An Ugly Bug

This video of Gran Turismo 5 will show at minute 1:07 a texture bug.

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ingiomar3203d ago ShowReplies(4)
Optical_Matrix3203d ago

There must be some kind of ridiculous GT5 hate campaign going on. The game isn't even finished. Would people just lay off of it for a second.

Godmars2903203d ago

What, yo haven't heard? Forza 3 is the definitive racing game of this console generation. Some people what it to stay that way and will go as far as to lie, find any flaw they can, to make it true.

dredgewalker3203d ago

They simply hate what they cannot defeat. Trust me when I say that when GT5 comes out these haters will simply just shut up and will never own up to whatever FUD they said. How can any console racing sim even compare to the classy GT series?

SeanRL3203d ago

It's a problem. Sure the game isn't out yet but helping to get the problem more well known will probably mean it will be fixed sooner. We have the right to know about this kinda thing.

PS3Freak3203d ago

Except it is such a small glitch, so who cares. I'm sure Polyphony was going to fix it.

DERKADER3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Isn't finding bugs before release a good thing?

Imagine the defense force in action if this article came out after release.

A million agrees for Godmars290 because he bad mouths Forza 3 in a GT article for no reason.

olLANDSHARKlo3203d ago

This article is about gt5 and you bring up fm3, are you a little insecure? They are videogames, who cares it's for entertainment. Look at NPD sales numbers for July, there was no sony 1st party games, and this will probably be another one.

boodybandit3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

You bitch because Godmars bring up FM3 in a GT5 article then go on to talk about sales? Hypocrisy called, they want their definition back.

These lame ass articles bitching about the slightest of bugs, glitches and hiccups is just plain silly. Show me one game this generation that is pefect. Just one! WTF is the matter with the starved for hits and attention seeking media this generation? All you see is comparisons, sales and negativity constantly putting one group against another. Not the some companies PR departments don't help with the spread of this nonsense and flame bait.

The only bugs and glitches that should be mention are those that effect gameplay. Since this game is not even out yet this article is pointless but what else is new? Just another site reading into their crystal ball predicting the future. Isn't that Pachters job?

Edit: Oh after skimming through your post history PHIL I think I have a better understanding of you. "Ah it's just the PS3 fanboys worried, they will say anything to try and sell a PS3, apparently there are not too many good games for the PS3 cause their on here all day, I have one also and it's pretty much just a blu-ray player." <- You're a troll.

You obviously have no interest in the PS3 since it's just a BluRay player to you so why bother reading and replying under PS3 articles about PS3 games? Oh yeah I already pointed that out. You're a troll.

Yeah you bitch and moan PS3 fans have no games to play that's why they live on N4G yet here you are doing the same. Don't you have any good games to play on your betrothed or is it just a "DVD" player?

I just got done my marathon session of gaming for the past 6 1/2 hours straight and guess what? It was divided pretty even over both the 360 and PS3. Funny how I can find more than my share of "good" games to play on both. Oh but then again I'm not a childish insecure fanboy. Glass houses and stones yah know.

DarkSpawnClone3203d ago

i bet the bug..was a Bee...ima bee ima bee ima ima ima bee!! lmao

ExplosionSauce3203d ago

They're not Forza 3 fans trying to make GT5 look bad. They just do it for hits, as any site would.

AAACE53203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Hahaha... theres a hate campaign going on for every game and console!

In a way, I kinda like articles like these, because it puts the shoe on the other foot. The theory is that people should learn from it and quit hating on something else so much...

... But some of people on N4G are so simple minded, that logic just doesn't exist!

Anyway, GT 5 isn't finished yet, and stuff like this should get fixed anyway, so no worries!

ChronoJoe3203d ago

Defining, defining... surely a game with vastly higher sales figures, is more 'defining' to it's generation.

What I'm saying is, since GT5P has been played by more gamers than Forza 3, GT5 is still the definitive racing game of this generation, even before it's release.

pustulio3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

A game in Beta stage has a bug?! OMG!

Soldierone3203d ago

HAHA! Yeah what games have come out over the summer that are worth buying that should be in there for any console? Its the months no one cares about, so bragging about sales numbers for either console is pure stupidity.

Also people can hate on GT all they want. This series has moved more units than anything on the market. The lines at midnight will be like nothing seen this generation, especially in European markets.

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Chuk_Chuk3203d ago

Just watched the vid. and seriously did something like that deserve an entire article. This is becoming a joke.

iPlayGamez3203d ago

ok i watched the video and seriously didnt notice any type of bug at all. is it really that unnoticable if so why is there an article on it?

Quickedie3202d ago

it appears as if the texture for the road had been loaded too late for some reason. It goes to show that slow access times of the bluray technology can be a problem for game developers. With a little optimization this should not be a problem in the final product however.
And in case textures have been installed to the PS3 hard drive for this exact reason, disregard what I have written altogether.
Then there has been a bug that miscalculated the proximity of the player and this has nothing to do with bluray..
I've had the same phenomenon in Forza3 when playing on an xbox with a poorly adjusted DVD-laser or playing a low quality back-up.

Foliage3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Unfortunately the answer was right in front of your face, but you missed it Quickedie.

The game is not finished, and the disc is not a final retail disc, it is a low-grade copy that probably isn't even running off a Blu-ray. At this stage of development they are probably shipping builds to shows on a thumbstick emulating a blu-ray drive.

This minor issue probably isn't even an issue on the retail format, as you described you've seen this same issue in Forza (an actually released title) due to a "low quality back-up".

Also, the PS3 loads textures faster than the 360. I've conducted tests with both kits, even when enabling a full 1GB RAM for the 360 (an option on the new kits we've received), it was still slower on all textures and resolutions on average with varying file placements on disc. As is easily researchable, the DVD has a high variance in speed, while Blu-Ray is a consistent speed. The Cell embarrasses the 360 CPU, and the PS3 256 XDR RAM stick alone is faster than even a 1 GB 360... that is a fact (Add in the other 256 RAM PS3 stick, and it's not even comparable). PS3 XDR is so freaking fast.

Biggunz3203d ago

My neighbors car did that yesterday.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Lol, that Bug never gets old.

And the most funny thing, the title say: ''PhysX''.

Forza doesn't even have PhysX by Nvidia.

What about this Bug:

CryofSilence3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I couldn't find the right one, but the ghost car in Forza 3 is quite hilarious.

This one works too.

(I'm aware these are internet related)

CobraKai3203d ago

That wasn't a bug, that was K.I.T.T from Knight Rider.. Yeah that's it. Oh KITT what will you do next.

Graey3203d ago


Can you imagine what's going through the drivers mind when that sh!t happens. Lol looks like someone is trying to drag him to Hell!! I'd seriously sh!t my draws if that was happening to me. I'd have snot bubbles and everything if I lived through that.

The first place I'd go to would be church. Haha I'm dying laughing at that second video.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

The 2nd Video is not a Bug.

That looks like a bad connection online, extreme lag.

CryofSilence3203d ago

I know. Notice my disclaimer in my original post? They are both problems with lag and internet connection. They are funny, nonetheless.

SilentNegotiator3203d ago

Ahahahaha! They hyped up the physics so much before launch and it ended up being bumper cars with glitches.

iPlayGamez3203d ago

LOL i wish i could do head spins like that car

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Snakefist303203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

The Video Is A Joke!!!!

bustamove3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Well, it's going to be a damn good game when it comes out so they had to bash *something*

jambabie693203d ago

bugs, glitches are in all games, and in high profile games they exist as well. the likely hood of a high profile game like gran turismo that has/had a bug will be talked about, laughed about.

quit taking everything as a personal attack. no one is bashing anything.i got a game informer right here with several pages where they talk about bugs/ glitches, i guess YOU would take that as bashing, when the devs are in there laughing about them.

one was uncharted 2 matter of fact!

solidjun53203d ago

you're taking HIS comment personal. What did he say? "Well, it's going to be a damn good game when it comes out so they had to bash *something*" and you're in a rage. All games have glitches prior to the completion of the development cycle. But what you fail to realize is that this article takes one glitch at one moment. The games has months of polish left. You change your name to Jambaby. Grow up!

bustamove3203d ago

Why do you care about my comment?

Tr10wn3203d ago

5 years in development and is not finish yet... and maybe this will take another year to fix it by the time they throw the game to store my pre-order ticket will be yellow, yeah i hate them but i'm waiting for the damn game.

number473203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Non-Working Dials.
Wrong Transmission'd cars..
disappearing tracks
disappearing tracks
freezing when someone sends you a xbl notice...

Visit the forums to see all of forza3's bugs..

if this is GT5's "UGLY BUG" Safe to say, GT will be flawless.

Xx Ziyad xX3203d ago

wrong cockpits ? u can change the cockpits , dont visit the fourm play the game, bullshit and u have Agree ? WoooW N4PSF

number473203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

What I meant by wrong cockpits was - Incorrect Modeling of the cockpits. - Wrong trim - non working dials etc.

I say visit the forums because people can see for themselves. You have disagrees because people that play Forza know its true, you pick 1 out of a list of problems and claim 'bullszht' then you make like the iraqi defense minister and say don't visit the forum.

In all fairness, it avoids situations like this.

Its hilarious how this is an "UGLY BUG" compared to all games out there. But GT5 has a bar that is close to perfection, no other games are really compared to that standard.

Thanks for commenting.

BrianC62343203d ago

It cracks me up when people point out issues with a demo of a game. I don't get it. A demo isn't the final product. It's like the comparison of the 360 and PS3 Mafia 2 demos. Who cares. They're demos, not the finished game. It get tiring to see all of it really.

iPad3203d ago

Im telling you man. Ever since SONY announced the release date, the media (against GT5) are scared! They know it will sell a bazillion copies and sell millions of PS3. They're scared that the PS3 will surpass the 360 in sales.

There was no hate in previous Gran Turismos. Why now? Because they're SCARED.

jambabie693203d ago

There was no hate in previous Gran Turismos. Why now? Because they're SCARED. <---the internet back then wasn't main stream like it is now, and trust me no damn body is scared of a video game.

comments like these make me say without a doubt THE DUMBEST GROUP OF PS3 FANBOYS ON THE NET CONGREGATE ON N4G.

Roonie3203d ago


AHAHAHA says the fanboys who likes to comapre DEMOs and who has more GRASS to make them selves feel better?


IcarusOne3203d ago

Because none of you prejudged Alan Wake, Gears of War, ODST, Forza, etc before they were finished.

boodybandit3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

My wife buys Kleenex in bulk so feel free to come over and grab a box to wipe those tears away.

saint_seya3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

even been a sony fan i will have to give u this one.. but dunno still why so much hate for the other games.. u wont see me doing this on 360/wii forums, but sadly theres people that love to do that T_T

IcarusOne3203d ago

You live up to your name. Bubbles.

IRetrouk3203d ago

alan wake was good but over hyped
gears of war is defo one of the best 3rd person shooters, pitty bout no 2
odst was downloadable content put on a disk, and it showed.
forza was good but is very buggy and a bit over hyped.

mastiffchild3202d ago

@icarusdone-the issue isn't about fanboys having a go because they FEAR a good title on the "other" system(which is, mainly, why the games you list got a few PS fangirls wound up-because most of them are good games)-no this is stuff we're seeing, time and again, in the western gaming media. they always bring up the length of dev cycle while ignoring GTHD,Prologue and GTPSP were all lout during this "barren" wait for GT5!

I expect a degree of natural readership pleasing bias in most English speaking sites as there's a higher proportion of 360 owners likely to be the readership-so a slight softening of the attitude towards games on that system is to be expected. Not bashing a game that isn't out, though, for the "other" system.

Kotaku were disgraceful this week and this isn't much better-some sites(GR cannot shut up about it despite praising AW to the hilt even though it was delayed more and jettisoned features seemingly every day before shafting PC gamers after they waited FIVE years!)are going through pre release code to pick out ONE bad texture? Seriously? Dress that up how you like but theyuy're nitpicking a game that isn't finished at all!

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boodybandit3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Hate comes from jealousy so expect a lot of hate where GT5 is concerned.

This game can not be released soon enough. My racing setup is dying to be shown some love again and GT5 is just the game to provide that.

Bzone243203d ago

"There must be some kind of ridiculous GT5 hate campaign going on. The game isn't even finished. Would people just lay off of it for a second."

Agreed. People can at least wait until a product is released before they trash it. Even after it's released people won't even play it and just trash it based on youtube videos. I miss the days before youtube where you actually had to play something or at least be physically there before you could really trash it. Now people watch a 5 minute youtube video and they are an expert on every detail of the game and are now qualified to decide that a game is a fail. Look at Kinect article comments for other examples of people being an expert on something they haven't played.

EvilBlackCat3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

with a lot of delays

"It's a problem. Sure the game isn't out yet but helping to get the problem more well known will probably mean it will be fixed sooner. We have the right to know about this kinda thing. "

and he get a lot of disagrees.

BUT THEN this guy >>> ps3freak18 <<< show up and make this one:

"Except it is such a small glitch, so who cares. I'm sure Polyphony was going to fix it. "

guess what... he receive a lot of agrees.

i mean is a PS3 loyalists site after all right?

I BET KOTAKU paid someone from inside polyphony to do this.

likedamaster3203d ago

This comes with the territory.

Also, that's not the only missing texture. Look left at 1:02, piece of the building is missing too.

cmrbe3203d ago

we have seen haters bribe gamers with free content and try to rig poles before not in favour of GT5.

Heck one was busted on neo.

Honestly. I don't understand why they still try. They are only bringing more attention to GT5 and bad attention to themselves.

It might work with kids but the truth is the majority of GT fans and those interested in GT are not 12 year old kids. 12 years old can't afford a steering wheel anyways.

Syronicus3202d ago

The bug was not the worst part of that video... His driving on the other hand, that was horrible!

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knightdarkbox3203d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamester1013203d ago

Well this the worst thing ever!


Projekt7tuning3203d ago

The sky is falling! Well, now their just going to have to delay the game again! The sky is falling!

I just want the damn game already. Its so close, yet so so far away.

Aggesan3203d ago

Up intil now I loved everything about this game, but this texture bug ruined EVERYTHING for me! /s