Speculation on Which Part of Halo Reach is the Best

There are many parts that make up Halo Reach. There is the campaign, Forge 2.0, Firefight 2.0 and even Matchmaking which has even more game types in it. It is hard to argue against that fact that Halo Reach is packed with a lot of content. The real curve ball is the fact that all four parts of the game are amazing. The Campaign lets you battle against Covenant Infantry, Forge 2.0 lets you make your own maps, Firefight 2.0 lets you battle waves of Covenant Infantry and Matchmaking lets you play against players all around the world. It really is impossible to choose a favorite out of all four. But we will still ask the question: which part of the game would you single out as being your absolute favorite? We will take it upon ourselves to answer this impossible question. However, we want you to think about it as well.

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clank5433204d ago

I vote for Forge 2.0. Seems like a really innovative way to engage an online community for a first person shooter. I'm not a big fan of HALO, but I dabble at my friends house once in a while and I own Halo 2. Fun games, but just not my style or taste.

m233204d ago

I hope the campaign is the best part. Most likely it will probably be the multiplayer, partly because of Forge world and what people will be able to do with it.

OpenGL3204d ago

I'm not sure, I'll have to wait for the game releases to find out!

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