Medal of Honor Campaign Debut On GTTV

GTTV Writes: The bearded men of Tier 1 infiltrate the graveyard of empires in our exclusive Medal of Honor single-player campaign reveal!
See for the first time a killer new story sequence from Medal of Honor's single-player Campaign!

Also, Medal of Honor aims to bring faster gameplay and a higher level of challenge to the FPS multiplayer scene. Will it succeed?

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socomnick3203d ago

This game is gonna flop so hard. Sp looks decent thought, so I might rent it. MP is absolute trash .

RememberThe3573203d ago

I have the same thought. I still think the single player looks boss, but the MP was complete trash.

Millah3203d ago

Yea the SP looks great, but the looks like they tried WAY too hard to copy MW multiplayer. I mean, even right down to the words that flash on screen when you kill somebody and the XP pops up. If I wanted MW multiplayer...I'd go play MW. Give us something fresh.

NY_Pride3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

So I take it from you comment that you got your ass handed to you in MP then. lol MoH beta was fun, balanced and a hell of a lot better than MW2 and most likely Bl Ops.

Medal Of Honor is for hardcore FPS fans and Bl Ops is an arcade shooter for kids.

captain-obvious3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

"Medal Of Honor is for hardcore FPS fans"

yah but not this MOH
i mean you can kill someone across the screen with a carbine
and there is no recoil its almost non exacting

i mean i empty a whole clip in to the wall and all i see is 3 bullet holes
and that dose not mean i shot 3 bullets or the rest of the bullet holes disappeared but no
there is just little to no recoil and in my book that is not hardcore

now BFBC2 now TAHTS hardcore

morganfell3203d ago

Alot of it goes back to the way EVERY developer employs weapons. The weapon pops from the side to in front of you - the buttstock moves and the tip of the barrel barely shifts. In real life it's opposite - the barrel moves the most and the buttstock the least.

Then there is the fact that everyone looks through a the same holosight - in reality you don't look through a holosight during CQB - you look at your target and the holosight is defocused. No one, no dev team has gotten this right...yet.

They all employ similar art work and ridiculously unrealistic weapon positions and movements (you constantly flag people) that violate every strand of military training then they have the audacity (or idiocy) to talk about realism versus authenticity. Pathetic really - and that's MW2 and MoH.

finbars753202d ago

The only thing thats flopped is your avatars lips.But overall the game look well put together and cant wait to play it over black ops.

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big_silky3203d ago

I don't even dislike this. I look at this game and feel absolutely nothing, it's just there. *shrugs*

Natsu X FairyTail3203d ago

Am i the only one who enjoyed the beta? there was alot of stuff i hated but i had fun with it!

RememberThe3573203d ago

You just seem to be in the minority. There was more that I didn't like then I did like. I thought it was boring, uninspired, slow, and ugly. I can't think of any redeeming qualities off the top of my head.

hakis863203d ago

I liked it.

I think some people (or, a lot of people) are just WOO'ed by the Call of Duty brand, which in my eyes hasn't changed at all since COD4. And so COD has become mainstream, and everyone likes it and doesn't dare to prefer something else.

Don't get me wrong, COD is good but I'm really ready for a game with a different feel and more serious story.

Faztkiller3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

No I liked it & It's the only DICE Multiplayer I've enjoyed

And what I watched on GTTV has me really excited for Singleplayer

gillri3203d ago

looking forward to the SP, but MP's are starting to bore me a bit

-MD-3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I'm curious as to how everybody hates the multiplayer when DICE is behind it yet everybody loved Bad Company 2's multiplayer.

I haven't played this Medal of Honor so I personally can't comment.

the-show-stopper3203d ago

its because many people are afraid of liking something other then CoD multiplayer
many people also failed to realize that the recent beta was a beta and not a demo

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