Patent for User-generated Layout Creation by Fumito Ueda discovered

Team ICO Gamers Blog: I've just been sent a notice that a patent by Fumito Ueda and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has been approved.

From what I read so far (documentation is very long) the patent is for a program which allows the developers and the players' actions to influence and change the layout of a map or level. This means that if I change something in my game world, and we are both connected to the network, your game world will change according to the changes that occurred in mine. So, for example, if I destroy a bridge in my game world, then that bridge in your game world will be already destroyed when you reach that point.

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kws10653201d ago

it's like Demon's Souls style online while the other player either helps or sabotages your path in real time.

gaffyh3200d ago

looks like The Last Guardian will have some crazy online multiplayer/co-op, something I never even expected to happen at all.

Proxy3200d ago

Imagine a game like LBP where there is lots of creation, and perhaps some destruction as well, and each player that visited could make a limited amount of changes to the game. Thus you could have a level which changed and evolved with each play through. It will be pretty cool if this becomes a reality in one of Sonys games.

What is not so cool is that this idea must be patented and thus will probably never be seen outside of a large companies generic game. Are you an indie developer looking to innovate with this idea? Sorry, it's already patented.

rockleex3199d ago

I seem to remember that Team ICO had two games to make.

One full retail game, The Last Guardian.

The other is a PSN downloadable game, most likely what this patent is for.

fantasygamer3201d ago

this sounds like it could be awesome.

HeroXIV3200d ago

Sounds very interesting.

Alos883200d ago

I can't wait to reach the forest level, one of my friends said it looks amazing, it should be around here somewhere... what's with all the tree stumps?

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The story is too old to be commented.