Apple to Make Comics Out of Your Games?

DualShockers writes, "When it comes to the technology industry, one name that stands out above the rest whether you like it or not, is Apple. With its products pretty much everywhere on the streets, it’s safe to say that a good chunk of the demographic plays games at least casually. This is allowing Apple to experiment a bit in the gaming industry, and with a new patent for a product that will turn your games into comics, it seems like Apple might be onto something..."

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Hitman07693208d ago

This is pretty awesome I have to say. I can just imagine this being used in modern WRPGs to generate some seriously awesome Comics.

Ninferno3208d ago

Apple. Think Different. lol

hikayu3208d ago

or we will slap some rubber on it for free .

booni33208d ago

that is a plain genius idea....oh my gosh i can think of ten games already that i would love to see comics of, though i fear they already have them...only japan.

Chadness3208d ago

This is an interesting idea, right up Apple's alley, actually.

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