iWatch: Moving around the XMB

You should know by now that you can navigate the PS3 Cross Media Bar (XMB) interface using the PlayStation Move. But how does it work exactly? And most importantly, how does it feel?

This new iWatch video hopefully answers those questions, as it highlights the pros and cons of XMB navigation via the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Enjoy the video!

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Raoh3760d ago

they should open this up for the sixaxis controller as well.

MariaHelFutura3760d ago

A wireless mouse and keyboard is the best way to navigate the XMB. I`ll try the Move and see if I like it though.

BannedForNineYears3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It could work with the sixaxis controllers.

With this XMB-Move integration, all it's using is the gyros.
DS3 controllers have gyros in them.

Oops, that's what he just said in the video...>_>

Joule3760d ago


cyberwaffles3759d ago

its like the ps3 is an incredibly complex and evolving beast!

tunaks13760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

What advantage does this have over a normal controller?
And why no pointer controls for web?
looks kinda pointless to me
get it point-less...

oh and how do we know theres not someone controlling the ps3 with the ds3 and this guy is just following along, just saying.

JakemanPS319943760d ago

take into mind that they will probly have an update anounced at gamescom with a brand new webbrowser for the move

1Victor3760d ago

even tho its quite obvious that you don't have a PS3 I'll tell you the DS3 movements aren't that fast plus even a tuna like you would had noticed when he was on the web page he had to slowly select the icon in the middle and the movement of the move match the one of the pointer. So open those tuna eyes of yours or use that tuna brain because right now you're acting like a sardine.

kws10653760d ago

First, XMB should be redesigned to somewhat OPEN icons (like Background icons on Windows system) at least for MOVE users, so that MOVE users don't have to run through the scrolls over scrolls.

Second, why the hell do they move around the cursor as if it's controlled by Arrow keys on the web? MOVE should work like a mouse, and I know it's capable of.

siliticx3760d ago

Capable? quite likely?
Might come in later. Right now it's a simple d-pad replacement.

jneul3760d ago

it's a temporary control scheme, they are currently re-designing the XMB and I bet it bet be tweaked to use "pointer" and "minority" like funtionality but sony will need time

ClownBelt3760d ago

That bitch got a lot of games just from seeing that trophy collection...

Godmars2903760d ago

They could, and should, make it so you can manipulate the XMB with only the PSeye.

siliticx3760d ago

Waggling at the screen? sorry but no. i like buttons.

Dsnyder3760d ago

We dont need and BAM there is is moments on ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.