PlayStation Plus: Almost 2 Months In, Was It Worth It?

The short answer to this question is YES. Since its launch June 29th, PlayStation Plus has delivered on everything it promised and more. PlayStation Plus members have gotten early access to a couple of demos, discounts on more things than I can count, and a decent amount of completely free themes, avatars and other things.

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mrmcygan3205d ago

Just imagine how many people would subscribe to PS+ if the Killzone 3 beta was exclusive to PS+ users.

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avengers19783204d ago

It's totally worth it to me, and I will be renewing my subscription for years to come.

shikwan3205d ago

more articles like these on a monthly basis!

cliffbo3205d ago

the only article that will have any credibility is: 'PSN, a year in, was it worth it'

do people honestly believe that Sony are going to give that $200 of free content away in just two months. this is STUPID

walker013204d ago

considering this months was worth like £30 total and next month the free game alone that were getting is worth £20 on the store im guessing that month will be worth about £35-£40 theyre easily half way there. At this rate we should get around £350s worth of stuff and im only paying £40(3.70/month)

but to be fair, only half of the stuff can be considered as good enough to count

Bell Boy3204d ago

exactly come see me at the end of a full year then ask that point I will still have 3 months left on the early adopter 3 months free

sloth33953204d ago

i have next months title and its PlayStation Plus: Almost 3 Months In, Was It Worth It?

killcycle3204d ago

No it was not worth it based on my experience.
nobody told me I would be thrown a ton of content i ALREADY owned.
thats a spit in the face.

user13373204d ago

Which is why I decided to wait. Most of the good stuff they have on PSN I already own. So I figured I should just not buy anything off it for a while and see if PSN plus then starts dishing them out.

killcycle3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

It's good you done that I wish I had, I just have a ton of respect for Sony and thought it was common sense not to offer people content they already owned, I mean c'mon.
With no alternative or refund for your original purchase either..

that can't be right can it?

christian hour3204d ago

Yeah a refund option would be amazing. We're paying for a subscription to get things we already have... its a bit of a morale kill sometimes.

christian hour3204d ago

Same thing happened to me, So far I own all the free PSN games theyve given out. Glad I only got a 3 month tester. But I'll probably get a full year once thats up, Because I'm liking everything else its given me so far :) Only thing I never play are the minis.

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The story is too old to be commented.