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The latest LEVEL review scores include Mafia II, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Starcraft II, Lost Horizon and more.

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Valay3204d ago

I think that's one of the first reviews for Mafia II, right? In any case, it received a nice score.

mrv3213204d ago

One of the better built open world games of this generation... some games have it tacked on like Wolfenstein (2009) from the demo alone I can tell they spent a good amount of time creating a realistic world.

SeanRL3204d ago

Because in real life, people don't always care when you point guns at them :)

mrv3213204d ago

I went into a dinner pointed a gun at one dude, the mini map filled with red so quick, The dinner was a blaze with gun fire, I didn't survive

Morale of the story, dinners are full of gangsters and not the good kind either.

slevin_773204d ago

when the reviews of Mafia II will be posted?

-Judge_Fudge3204d ago

yep this game should be delicious

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