Do We Still Need Backwards Compatibility?

Adam Guy wrote: "Back in 2006 when we first got our hands on the shiny new Playstation 3 Sony released two models, one premium model and one basic. The basic model missed out on WiFi, it had a smaller hard drive, and it didn’t have a multi card reader like the premium did. But other than that the two models were actually very similar. They both had 4 USB ports compared to the 2 you get on all models now and, crucially, in the US both of the launch versions had PS2 backward compatibility. This means that at the time Sony thought backward compatibly was important enough to even fit on the base model."

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Sidology4004d ago

So, when I click on the link, all I get is a blank page.

CobraKai4004d ago

Really? Try again cuz when I did it, it was fine.

AAACE54004d ago

I've always thought backwards compatibility was a joke! Mainly for people who have a hard time letting go! Games play best on their original console, so just keep the original console if you like the games that much!

I rarely go back to a previous console because by the time the new ones come out, I am pretty bored with all the games from the past.

BattleAxe4004d ago

At first when the PS3 library was lacking it was good to have so I could continue to play Socom: Combined Assault, but now theres no need.

Sidology4004d ago

Yeeeeep. Still nothing.

Army_of_Darkness4004d ago

But used it only once to see if it worked... Anyways, we got some pretty awesome PS3 exclusives eh! :)

ReservoirDog3164004d ago

To tell you the truth, I'm currently replaying MGS3 (see bio). Still really good!

I'm glad I have a 60GB PS3. I respect the classics while enjoying the new wave of stuff. Nothing wrong with that.

Also I'm broke currently so it's nice to have a huge list of games to replay till I can scrape up enough for Kane and Lynch 2 and stuff.

DaReapa4004d ago

Same here. Lately I've been playing MGS3:Sub and Ace Combat 5 (got the urge upon hearing the announcent of the new AC game) on the 60 Gig - even though I still own a PS2 phatty.

0mega44004d ago

ive got the old ps2 if i want to play some classics.

but hey if they ever updated it with bc i wouldnt argue

commodore644004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Well, I have a ps3 slim, so no ps2 backwards compatibility for me.

It is kind of disappointing, as Sony did promise ps2 b/c for all of its users back when the ps3 launched.

AS for the people who say they don't need b/c, nor want it, I beg to differ. We DO need it.
Psychonauts, for example, is a fabulous game that I would love to play on the ps3 via b/c.
Funnily enough, I can play Psychonauts on the 360 via b/c.

It can only do everything?

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Gray-Fox4004d ago

TBH.... (In regards to PS3 B/C) I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games and not PS2 games. If it costs less for no B/C I'll take that route.

Genesis54004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I have a 60 gig launch and I rarely play PS2 games on it. I have to many of this gens games to play. I still pop in a PS2 game once in a while on my old CRT TV that I have a PS2 hooked up to. At the time of launch of the PS3 it was more important than it is now.

gtamike4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Well I have upgraded 60GB ver to 320GB :)
Also still got my PS2 console.

UnSelf4004d ago

NEED? no

it'll be nice to have though

mastiffchild4004d ago

Meh. You wouldn't use it and you're still better off using your PS2 on a CRT than stretching it on a 60gig PS3 anyway. I genuinely haven't used my PS3 to play a PS2 game since I played a bit of Persona4 on it however long ago that was released!

At first I played the odd bit of SoTC now and then but, seriously, when they were looking for things to cut to bring the price down BC was one of the least used features-what were they meant to do? People buy a PS3 to play PS3 games and the same for the 360-how many of us EVER play an Xbox game on it these days? Since Halo2 servers went dead I suspect virtually no one just the same as with those of us owning a BC PS3.
The other side of it is if you want to play PS2 games buy a sodding PS2. i got a used slim the other week when my camping console died for twenty sheets with about twenty games and a few other bits and bobs thrown in ffs. Also, there's too many current gen games to play at home so the ONLY time I play PS2 games is at a festival or when I've gone camping and taken the PS2 with me.

So, need? Definitely not. would it be nice? I guess it MIGHT but you wouldn't use it enough to merit it returning. the time we will NEED the return of that amazing library should come when PSP2 finally arrives too-it's a massive possible weapon for Sony to use in the portable arena and I fully expect a PSN full of discount downloadable PS2 titles when their next handheld is launched. Portable that library is still AMAZING but on PS3? Not so much with the console itself now in full swing. i'm genuinely amazed we still have this bloody discussion these days.

UnSelf4004d ago

doesnt really affect me personally. i have a 60 gig

Mahr4004d ago

"The other side of it is if you want to play PS2 games buy a sodding PS2"

This would be a valid line of argument if the *entire focus* of the system were not consolidating living-room entertainmnet features into one convenient monolithic entity.

People saying things like 'I don't want to play PS2' games are really missing the point, as individual preferences are neither here nor there when it comes to whether or not the market regards PS2 functionality as an important factor. The fact of the matter is that literally every Nielsen press release for usage has featured the PS2 in the number one or two spot. More than the Wii, more than the PS3, PS2 games get *the* most play time in the industry next to the 360.

You cannot simply write that off as 'I don't personally care about that, it is not worth caring about, stop whining'.

And incidentally, if you have to resort to 'If you want feature X, buy another product', then you are going against Sony's own marketing strategy. 'It only does everything', remember?

What next, 'You don't NEED to watch Bluray if you want one buy a sodding Bluray player'?

XactGamer4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

The only people who don't like backwards compatibility are the people who can't get it. The Wii has it in a way, the Xbox has it, and the PC will always have it and the early PS3's have it. Watch the only people here that will complain about it are PS3 owners who were unfortunate enough to get models that don't support BC. Seriously read up and down this thread it's so obvious it's like a slap of reality to the face.

I enjoy classic games and I have a launch PS3 and still enjoy the old games.

Proxy4004d ago

Hackers have achieved what Sony hasn't been able to, some good PS2 emulators for PC.* Sony designed the PS2 and PS3, you'd think they'd be able to figure out emulation of their own hardware better than a bunch of hackers.

It's got to be one of 3:
1) Sony really can't design a software emulator.
2) Teh power of teh cell isn't enough for PS2 emulation.
3) Sony wants to deliberately hold back features in hope of make more money.

* - Granted the PS2 emulators on PC do have their flaws, but most games are playable and can be finished. Again, compare to Sony's non-existent software emulation.

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CobraKai4004d ago

I'd rather have those awesome HD rereleases than Backwards Compatiblity. And yes I do have a BC PS3

boodybandit4004d ago

I have a BC PS3 as well and the only game I ever used it for was God of War 2.

Rumor4004d ago

i would go through 5 more playthroughs of kingdom hearts 2 with a b/c ps3.

ever beat the whole story with just a kingdom key?? me niether, but its a freaking task i will complete!!

Theonik4004d ago

If only the PS3's emulation were decent there would be no need for them.

NarooN4003d ago

The problem with that is

1) Waiting for devs to actually develop the remakes
2) No guarantee whatsoever that the games you like will be remastered
3) With BC or PC emulation, I can play any game I want right away

PS2 had no problem with PS1 emulation. The only reason PS2 Hardware-based emu was removed was to cut costs, and that was two years ago, and they've only JUST RECENTLY started making a profit off the PS3.

Godmars2904004d ago

Yes. For the old, 3rd party titles that have little to no chance of seeing a collected edition, at the very least it would be something nice if only so some could retire their PS2s.

Optical_Matrix4004d ago

Nope. I have a perfectly healthy EU PS2 and a perfectly healthy Japanese PS2. Don't need B/C.

Chris3994004d ago

as there was a dearth of JRPGs till about 2008 on the system and I still had my PS2 backlog to play through.

Funny thing is, I stopped playing PS2 titles anyhow and branched out to try different genres. When the Slim was re;eased, I traded in my 60 gig and haven't looked back since. I do like this trend of re-mastering old PS2 titles though.