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PS3 Media Server allows you to turn your PlayStation 3 into the ultimate media machine! The article includes a detailed description of the program itself, as well as its usability and compatibility.

PS3 Media Server is also compatible with the Xbox 360!

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borisfett3205d ago

Tversity has always been patty on my PC, and I could never get Windows Media Player to agree with my PS3 (no surprise there). Here's hoping this is a little more reliable.

Sidology3205d ago

I dumped TVersity in a heartbeat for PS3 Media Server! Although, I would recommend keeping the TVersity codecs.

PS3MS uses FAR fewer resources than TVersity ever will.

GrandTheftZamboni3205d ago

Yep, PS3 Media Server even runs on those SheevaPlugs (1.2 GHz CPU) that can be plugged in the wall socket. I got me one of those but I am yet to do it myself.

morganfell3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I have been using the PS3MS for over a year and posted about it on this board several times.. No libraries to build, it encodes on the fly - including vobs, and it will even unrar a file and encode it on the fly. Fantastic free software.

Strange_Evil3205d ago

Even I use the PS3 media server.... Hell, the PS3 media Server even allows me to share files with my 360... It's an all in 1 solution and takes less resources....

Haven't really tried anything else, but PMS meets my needs for both my HD consoles.

Darkstorn3205d ago

I have yet to try out the PS3 Media Server. TVersity has worked flawlessly in my experience.

Sidology3205d ago

Don't get me wrong, TVersity is an excellent program, but it has its limitations and is VERY resource heavy. PS3 Media Server is, in my experience, a lot sleeker and more efficient, especially if you plan on streaming bigger files or .mkv files (which, if I recall correctly, TVersity does not support).

I guess it just depends on what you plan to stream to what system. If TVersity works great for you, that's excellent. It's a superb program and only gets better if you use TVersity Pro. Personally, I prefer PS3 Media Server because of its ability to play just about anything I throw at it, especially .mkv files.

Darkstorn3205d ago

Thanks for the info. I'll try out PS3 Media Server next week, especially since I have a handful of MKVs that I've been eager to peruse.

morganfell3205d ago

I have used the PS3MS to play 12GB .mkv files...flawlessly.

Strange_Evil3205d ago

^^^ Ya first time I played a 8GB file, I thought it would stutter a lot and it did (due to me being on a wireless connection), but then I connected it with an ethernet cord and voila, everything was smooth... But still even on a wireless network, I can easily see a 4GB file without much stuttering....

.mkv support was also a life saver as I have sh!t loads of mkv files.

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dronde3205d ago

PS3 media server is the shit with K-Lite Codec Pack x64 and CoreAVC Professional Edition

Sidology3205d ago

Much agreed, my friend! In fact, if you get the TVersity Codec packs, you may have even more options available to you than just the K-Lite Codec Pack (of course, it's been many moons since I had the K-Lite Pack, especially after getting the TVersity Codecs).

DarkSpawnClone3205d ago

I love PS3 media server i use it every day! its great!

OpenGL3205d ago

For awhile I usedTVersity, PS3 Media server, and PlayOn, but recently stopped. I now just plug my laptop into my HDTV via HDMI and play everything through that. It would nice if Sony decided to add MKV support to the PS3 though.

Paradise Lost3205d ago

I would love to know how to use it.

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