iWatch: A closer look at PlayStation Move

Take a closer look at the PlayStation Move in this exclusive video recorded by iWaggle3D.

In about 2 minutes time you'll learn the basics of PlayStation Move ergonomics, functions and components, hopefully coming away with a better understanding of how the device works, looks and feels like.

Warning: English is not my primary spoken language, so excuse the History Channel-tone of my commentary (yeah, I'm reading) as well as the (hopefully not too frequent) pronunciation mistakes.

Enjoy the video!

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ArchangelMike3206d ago

Very good video. Much more informative than the usual 'unboxing' vids. I loved the guys accent as well, sounded as though he was romancing the controller... or is that just me.

In any case Move is proving to be a solid piece of tech!

jon12343206d ago

woah really good spelling for a baby!

Lykon3206d ago

yeah i loved the guys accent too, if he talked to me like that and took me for a nice meal at night outdoors with the moon reflecting in the sea close by, i think i would be helpless to not turn gay for a night, especially if he was whispering in that accent in my ear, it would tickle and make me giggle and go all silly, i don't think i could go fully gay though (if you know what i mean) as that would hurt too much...just the milder stuff.

iWaggleVR3206d ago

lol wtf I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks! :D

Lykon3205d ago

oh it's you!...... i'm blushing... seriously, i want to go on a romantic holiday with you to Ibiza. very good clear video....and I love you for real. x

Trroy3206d ago

Pretty informative piece, actually.

inveni03206d ago

I agree. For being simple, it was totally worth watching.

metsgaming3206d ago

just wondering what does the move button in the middle do ??

jack_burt0n3206d ago

it is analog though he was wrong about that.

sarshelyam3206d ago

...depends on the game. It's a new button designed specifically for the Move. In games like Resident Evil 5 Gold, it serves as your action button.

In a game like The Fight: Lights Out, it modifies your punches from clean, to dirty (following up a punch with an elbow, for example).

BiggCMan3206d ago

i didnt know that guys, thank you for the info. i also never knew that the sphere was rubber, and that u can squeeze it, thats pretty cool.

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