2K: Mafia II PS3/360 Look and Run Identical

2K held a conference earlier this afternoon with a Q&A session about their upcoming release, Mafia II. One of the biggest controversies this generation has held is the comparison of the PS3 version versus the Xbox 360 version. Earlier in the week there was a screen comparison showing the Xbox 360 version as the clear winner, but that may not be the case after all.

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Chris_Hansen_Rocks4681d ago

all hell would break lose if the playboy pictures were inferior on one platform

Hanif-8764681d ago

I've heard that a million times before about games being identical and when it releases its a completely different story. However, if the PS3 version looked just as good as the Xbox360 version then i'd get the game on launch but i'm currently a PS3 only gamer and i wouldn't take Mafia 2 if someone was handed it to me for free. i hope that the resolution is the same and they should take off that stupid blur that the PS3 version has.

ProjectVulcan4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

Me too. But this time I expect the final console versions to end up closer than the demos were.

As someone who will get it on PC though, it always pisses me off something chronic when a developer says the game will look/run the same on all the platforms, including PC. It certainly shouldnt, with the raw performance available. I didnt buy a powerful Pc for the developer to say the game will look the same as the consoles. They should at least stop the PR spiel and admit that PC will give improvements with higher end machines.

First they say that the game is built to optimise for all platforms, then claim it looks the same on all. Thats as good as saying we must be crap Pc developers because we havent been able to make the game look better on Pc hardware thats preposterously more powerful than console. Please developers....drop the BS and tell the truth for once

OpenGL4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

The truth is that the PS3 and 360 are starting to show their age. The 360's GPU is better suited for lots of transparencies as seen in Mafia II. The PS3's GPU is better in some other circumstances but those do not apply here. Sure developers can work around the RSX's disadvantages as seen in beautiful looking games like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3, but that takes time and money.

You can try to diss them all you want as a PC developer, but their game runs and looks better on PC hardware than just about every game on the market. Even my $800 laptop's Mobility Radeon 5650 is able to run Mafia II at a quality that surpass every game on the PS3 and 360.

If the final build of the game manages to be equal between the PS3 and 360, that's fantastic. I simply wouldn't count on it though based on the demo and previous multi-platform history.

Also, what do you expect them to say? "Sorry guys, the PS3 version looks worse because we didn't have the time or budget to spend, despite needing it."

SilentNegotiator4681d ago

"To me they look pretty much the same. I've seen crazy people that put screenshots side-by-side on the internet, but if you are just running them on monitors side-by-side there really isn't much of a visual or performance difference. This again goes back to the Illusion engine and this is what it was designed to do -- to have the game look and run the same across both consoles and PC"

I would have felt less leery if he had said the game improved since the demo, but he is just the creative director and the screens from the Ps3 exclusive content were pretty reassuring.

SephireX4681d ago

I played the demo on the 360 and objects in the distance can be quite blurry. This game may only look good on PC. I've both a PS3 and 360 but I'll get the game on PC if it gets good reviews. Devs need to start lead developing multi games on PS3. If all games were PS3 exclusives, I wouldn't bother buying a PC. The 360 drags multis down but that's the nature of business.

raztad4681d ago

Stop judging a game based off a old demo. The stuff that really matter is not even the graphical differences, but the horrible performance. Do you really think 2K can ship a game is such an unplayable state. I'm for sure not buying if that is the case. I can bet game will be much improved in the final build.

OpenGL4681d ago

You wouldn't buy a PC to play games on if all games were exclusive to the PS3? Such a big fucking surprise. I wouldn't own a PS3 and 360 if there were no games for those platforms either.

0mega44681d ago

the differences are never enough to bother the average person.

but they are enough to start a fanboy war

TheXgamerLive4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

but there close enough, enjoy the damn game, if it's your thang. me, ima get Halo Reach soon and Fable III, and Fallout new vegas. Games are expensive so ima limit how many i buy in the next 2 months.

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Hydrolex4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

you will earn invest more money by spending more money on staff and selling a good game than a shitty one

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Traveler4681d ago

Sadly they are not identical from what I have seen. I am tired of developers lying to us.

mercenarie4681d ago

Jack Scalici: "To me they look pretty much the same. I've seen crazy people that put screenshots side-by-side on the internet.

what's so crazy about posting side by side screenshots? a customer WANTS to be informed.. YOUR the crazy one, if i remember correctly you and the team have been bragging about the technology for the past few years and now that the demo has been released its kind of obvious that you guys ran the lips. 49% screen tear, grass gone, and so on.

and to 2K kiss my ASS, you did a horrible job with Bioshock PS3 i am going to wait for this to hit the bargain bin.

aaron58294681d ago

got my DS3 to work with my PC Games..

getting it for the PC...

PLaying splinter cell with a ds3 just feels like home.. :)

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yewles14681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

WTH? There's a video comparison by Machinima that clearly shows the PS3 version to be inferior.

Edit: Here it is.

despair4681d ago

this is for the demo which is of an older build, the final build comparison has yet to be done and from the few PS3 screens on Gamespot at the very least the missing grass is there.

Just wait for a proper analysis of the final product before jumping to conclusions.

MariaHelFutura4681d ago

It`s sad but ALOT of sites run "biased" comparisons. I own a PS3 and 360 I`ve compared alot of demos and full games and 99.9% are identical.

Pistolero4681d ago

You are lying...I have compared a ton of games on my ps3 and 360 and 95% of the time they are not identical....then you have comparisons from about 4 or 5 different sources often all saying the same have to be delusional to claim that it is all a conspiracy against the ps3....i know you are a big ps3 fan but face reality...the ps3 does not do particularly well on most multiplatform games.

despair4681d ago


so let me get this straight, you actually either purchase or rent copies of the same game for both PS3 and X360 just for the sole purpose of doing a comparison(I'm assuming side by side on the same model TV,with same settings or using HQ video capture tech).

And you have done this for a large sample of the multiplatform games(which number in the hundreds over the years) to get a proper readout to say with a fact that PS3 does not do Multiplatform games well?

comp_ali4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

of course this will not reach much degrees as the ones bitching about grasses.

ingiomar4681d ago

Yeah just like ps3 fanboys did about some rocks in Final Fantasy for 360

yewles14681d ago

Ghostbusters... RDR... Bayonetta... and yet NOTHING wrong with 576p FFXIII 360... Priceless.

Roonie4681d ago

whining about the washed out version of dragon age for 360 either.

OT: But bu but teh grass on teh DEMO!!!!!(*SOBS)

Pistolero4681d ago

Nope...FFXIII was definitely inferior on the 360...there is no debating that....Roonie on the other hand is lying about Dragon's Age...if you go read the comparisons it was found that the ps3 version had certain advantages and the 360 version had certain advantages....for example the 360 version has better anti-aliasing and framerate...the ps3 version had better texture filtering and a better depth of field any case the 360 version was not washed out.

phatak4681d ago

nah. they did it because it came in 3 discs

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Newtype4681d ago

only good developers makes games equal in quality without sacrificing content.

MariaHelFutura4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

Almost all multiplatform games are identical when done by yourself on the same TV with the same settings.


Again....Almost all multiplatform games are identical when done by yourself on the same TV with the same settings. Fallout 3 for instance I`ve played it on both systems and it is completely identical.

cereal_killa4681d ago

Funny how that is I mean Nooooo web site would EVER purposely make one version look better than the other we all no there are no sites out there that are biased towards the PS3 /s

All the Muppets on here all have there list to show how multiplats are 95% better on the 360 and in some cases they are true back in 2007/8 allot of these developers were just getting to know the insides of developing on the PS3 2009 started to show equal comparisons but no matter what no fanboy would ever admit it 2010 is no different we have plenty of the joke fake ass so called journalist who claim to have credibility do nothing but make up crap just for hits to there sites and no matter how much trash they post (HHG, Patcher, Joketaku...etc and that list can go on for a while) they always seem to get approved by idiots that have to many privileges on here... My point is I've played Bayonetta, RDR, BBC2 MW1/2 blah blah blah all on my PS3 and they all play fine and in reality do people really pause there games just to look at what the grass looks like on there TVs like WTF!!!! do you Muppet's really have that much time on your hands to really care about the look, how many FPS or Sales of a certain game, get a life people and stop worrying about things that mean nothing to you video games are ment to be a fun and enjoyable experience and some of you people think you'll die if your game or console doesn't sell more or look better than the competition Sony, M$ nor Nintendo will never send you pathetic losers a cheque for defending them as much as you do.

N4PS3Fanboys4681d ago

That's what they said about GTA IV. And Fallout 3. And Red Dead Redemption. It seems just about every open world game runs better on the 360 for some reason. It is kind of sad though, that PS3 fans have to hope for their version just to be equal to the 360 version. I think they deserve better!

yewles14681d ago

Ahem.. I believe Oblivion, Burnout Paradise and Dragon Age: Origins would like to have a word with you... XD

WetN00dle694681d ago

Cause last i check the 360 displayed better textures and Lighting ohh and it ran alot smoother as well! The only thing going on the Ps3 side was the draw distance. I have both the Ps3 and 360 versions by the way. WHY? i have no clue i just have

hybridtheory124681d ago

Oblviion on PS3 was the best version EVER without mods. great gfx and short loading times.

Pistolero4681d ago

Who are you trying to fool?...Burnout Paradise was one of the few games that was 99.9% identical on both platforms and much was made of that fact...Oblivion was better on the 360 and Dragon Age was a wash...both consoles had some advantages over the other.

Motorola4681d ago

Actually hybrid is right for once...i agree burnout was identical. However Oblivion was NOT better on xbox 360. I have all versions of that game. PS3 version was the best on consoles. Better visuals and the loading area was nonexistant, no framerate hitches. The PC version is nice 2.

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tyrex4681d ago

Thats why what we have seen of infamous 2 looks incredibly so far. and didn't the 360 version of fallout 3 have to have a graphical patch, or am i thinking of something else

ThatCanadianGuy4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

Who are YOU trying to fool?

Oblivion was better on PS3.

NinjaAssassin4681d ago

Then again, IGN also claimed Bioshock was better on the PS3 and that turned out to be a big fat lie.

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