FX Game Center: Mafia 2 Demo Impressions

The Mafia 2 demo has just been released for PSN and Xbox Live users. The demo puts you behind the eyes of Vito Scaletta. Vito in the opening cut-scene, appears to be getting hired by Henry, another character who accompanies you throughout the demo, to help him pull off a hit on a guy only known as ” The Fat man.”

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clank5433206d ago

I've never seen so many demo impressions for one game in my life! Seriously people, the game is a week and a half away. That's NOTHING! We all know the demo was only fair to good, but demos for open world games are tough to pull off. Wait for the full game!

Microshock3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

The demo had lots of quirks that i'm kind of surprised are in the game. No dedicated jump button? No ability to get out of car while you're driving?

No shooting behind cover? You can't even just walk backwards out of cover like you can do in GTA4, you have to tap X. The cover system doesn't even let you jump over a fence in front of you or something.

Shootings kinda inaccurate. Cars take TWO steps to steal. First you gotta click to get them out of the car and then get in again. Or smash the window.

No shooting from the car.

But I do love the atmosphere of the game. It's an amazing time machine. It's probably the game's killer app. The whole 50's time period is just great.

Edit: Also the horrible camera that's positioned an inch from your shoulder when you're in cover.

SeanRL3206d ago

I agree with all of those, the camera was one that really annoyed me. You get used to not always being able to jump over stuff but you never get used to thinking you're playing a first person game and then seeing your characters hat....

BryanBegins3206d ago

Agree on everything. Although I found that Mafia II was doing one thing really well: car handling. It is fun to drive, while not weird like in Saint Row 2 or way too boring like in GTA IV. I seriously hope they fix the driving mechanic for the next GTA, cause it wasn't realistic, it was just painfull.

Chris_Hansen_Rocks3206d ago

a message of Chris Hansen: if you download the demo just for the naked pictures you are bound to become a sex offender

Fishy Fingers3206d ago

a message from Fishy Fingers: if you have the internet and your downloading a Mafia game demo to see some chicks your doing it wrong.