Fans Go Wild For DDR3 At Konami Party in SoCal

Ripten: "Last night, we were invited to the official Konami launch party for DanceDance Revolution 3 (DDR) held in Culver City, CA. Konami revealed their latest iteration, five years in the making with a star studded extravaganza."

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CrzyFooL4133d ago

I will never, ever understand the appeal of DDR.

aselah4133d ago

LOL that's ok...some people are extremely hardcore, I just enjoy it for the dancing and exercise.

RageAgainstTheMShine4133d ago

Konami is in great debt for the PS One with DDR!

even the control set up was patterned to the Dual Shock!!!

jaredhart4133d ago

Chicks dig it and its good because it helps keep them in shape.

CrzyFooL4133d ago

Bullshit!! If you use DDR to stay in shape yer a friggin tard.

Chris_Hansen_Rocks4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )


the Deutsche demokratische Republik had 0% unemployment and a social healthcare system america only can dream of

there was also no internet which means that the kids were safe

beardpapa4133d ago

back when DDR was a huge craze, girls were gaga over boys that could freestyle in ddr. youtube those korean ddr competitions.

e.g., something like

i remember a lot of crazy hardcore ddr dancers at the student union arcade while in college

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aselah4133d ago

I LOVE DDR! I seemed to drop off the face of the planet for awhile. Glad to see it's making a come back!

LBD_Nytetrayn4133d ago

Could never get into DDR... always afraid that the mat will slip on our hardwood floor, even if it probably wouldn't.

Chromer4133d ago

Did you honestly just say that a game which requires you to move your body and is the same equivalent to running, swimming, etc. won't help you stay in shape? You are an idiot and be quiet. Back in high school, when my track team didn't practice, we would play DDR to keep ourselves loose while still getting an aerobic exercise. Plus it was pretty fun.

Keep your mouth quiet about things you obviously don't understand or frankly know anything about. Also just in case you say there's no credibility of DDR helping you lose weight:

tl;dr - Shut up.

Mahr4133d ago

Man, I miss SoCal. Could have gone to this and had my picture taken with Naoki "Very Very Excite" Maeda.

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