A story about Virtual Boy, 15 years later

Paul Gale Network writes, "On August 14th, 1995, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy in North America, coming just one month after its Japanese launch. Suffice to say, neither in the US, Japan, nor anywhere in the world really did this console/handheld hybrid take off."

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John007guy3205d ago

I thought my eyes were fried forever. I couldn't go to sleep for weeks without closing my eyes and seeing red outlines of Nintendo character. Yah happy b-day.

JeromeRichfield3205d ago

I like to remember him as the guy who made Metroid.

RobinGB3205d ago

It's a crazy thought but what if Nintendo released VB games as part of a virtual console service on the 3DS?
I can see it happening if Nintendo wants some nostalgia points and doesn't mind reminding g people of their one really failed system. I never owned one but would buy VC games if they had such a service.

hannibus3205d ago

I wish I bought one when I had the chance at Toys R Us. They were on sale for 40 new several years ago as a way to get rid of old inventory. It wasn't a great system but for the fact that I would have a complete collection of all Nintendo systems it would be worth it.

Millah3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I still have my Virtual Boy :). Granted, it was a waste of money when I got it, but I was just a kid and loved it for a few months. And I'm glad now that I did buy it, as its a bit of a collectors item.

OpenGL3204d ago

I still plan on buying a virtual boy eventually for my collection. It'll sit right next to my Atari Jaguar collection.

HiroyasuKarpovsky3204d ago

You have to complete the collection as do I. There are still a few systems I don't have yet but need to gather up.

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The story is too old to be commented.