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Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 07th Aug 2010

Worldwide Hardware:

Console - Weekly (change) - Total

DS --- 279,030 (+5%) - 132,853,340
360 --- 214,706 (+2%) - 42,018,242
Wii --- 154,015 (+3%) - 73,180,363
PS3 --- 143,992 (-10%) - 36,634,461
PSP --- 81,621 (-16%) - 59,270,476
PS2 --- 32,207 (+7%) - 136,632,202

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it isnt duplicate if the other one failed.
BIoodmask3230d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Duplicate story
And lame, VGChartz sucks.
Hyrius3231d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(2)
we already have Americas, Europe and Japan article. these are easily adjustable to worldwide. i want news not the damn weekly chart
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Community3230d ago
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Optical_Matrix3230d ago

Do we really need ANOTHER one of what is pretty much the same article everyday. Also VGChartz numbers are whack. Their LTD sales for PS3 are about 2/3 million off of the OFFICIAL report Sony issued last month.

N4PS3Fanboys3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Once again, Sony's numbers are shipped to retailers, and VGChartz numbers are sold to consumers. Sony has clearly overshipped the PS3 by a lot in the last quarter. Take a look at this quick little analysis:

"Jan-March 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.2 million
During that time, PS3 sold 950.9k in NPD + 500k in Media Create = 1.45m North America/Japan.

April-June 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.4 million
During that time, PS3 sold 640k in NPD + 250k in Media Create = 900k North America/Japan.

So Sony shipped 200,000 more this quarter despite selling 550,000 less in North America and Japan.

No way would the difference be made up in Europe or other areas. Sales would have likely declined there as well. The numbers are pretty clear. Sony shipped a ton more than they sold this quarter to catch up a supply shortage. That should normalize in their next financial report."


No way can anyone look at that analysis and not notice how odd it is that the PS3 shipped more last quarter, but sold far less in all territories according to official sources such as NPD and Media Create.

tinybigman3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

why do yall give a sh*t about sales so much? do you think that either of these 3 companies are going anywhere?

also even with the PS3 in 3rd place Sony sure hasn't had any problems releasing great games this generation in a VARIETY of genres.

i don't mean to come on too harsh, but it's getting really annoying how sales articles dominate this donkey ball site.

3230d ago
tinybigman3230d ago

i understand what your saying, but i'm really tired of seeing these sales articles on this site.

Optical_Matrix3230d ago

Lol why is Tinybig man salty. Chill brah. Not like I cussed your mum

rockleex3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Not SHIPPED to retailers.

Sony and Nintendo both changed from shipped to sold during 2007.

Just take a look at this comment which provides quotes from, and links to, Sony's investor site.

Or would you guys rather believe in VG Chartz over Sony's own investor relations website?

But lets pretend that Sony doesn't track sold to consumer numbers. Lets pretend that we still live in an age where its impossible to track sold to consumers.

Tell me why VG Chartz numbers for the 360 is almost the same as Microsoft's official SHIPPED numbers... while 2-3 million off from Sony's supposedly "shipped" numbers?

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THEONE873230d ago

oh 360 outsells the ps3 by 70,000 units worldwide. new console 4gb and halo:reach soon to come...................and outsoold the wii........WOW

MaximusPrime3230d ago

woot i loved these "weekly" charts. from our awesome VGCHARTZ!!!


A change in the wind3230d ago

Somebody let me know when VGchartz updates the PS3 numbers, ok?

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