Carmack: 'No Question' That A Lot of People Will Embrace Cloud Gaming

During his QuakeCon 2010 keynote address, id programming genius John Carmack gave his thoughts on current gaming technology and trends.

On the advent of 3D displays, Carmack admitted he’s not a big fan of 3D technology. He sees the benefits of the higher refresh rates needed on 3D displays, but is "dubious about the real value to the consumer on 3D."

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Trroy3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Man, Carmack goes to town to give his opinion on every upcoming games technology.

I also seem to recall him knocking the PS3 architecture until recently, and claiming the iPhone is a more capable gaming console than the original XBox.

He's a smart guy, but he should stop with the crystal ball.

Kakkoii3206d ago

I was sad to see that he doesn't understand why people are so passionate about having dedicated servers. And that he thinks cloud gaming is the future of gaming -_-.