Rage Demoed Simultaneously on all Three Platforms - 60 FPS Across the Board

The Rage presentation at QuakeCon 2010 featured live playthroughs of the same content across all three platforms: PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. All three platforms ran at a solid 60 frames-per-second without hitching even during intense action.

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josh143993202d ago

if i get this i would like the pc version but to be honest from what ive seen it doesn't look that special apart from graphics. im willing to give it a chance though because ive only looked at the e3 footage.

UnSelf3202d ago

*Pulls out Console War battle book and crosses out battle between x360 vs ps3 version of Rage both running at 60 FPS*

*Next Battle: Mafia 2 graphics x360 vs PS3*

AAACE53202d ago

I've never liked ID games in the past because they seemed to be more of a showcase of their engine rather than a good game. The games were decent, but nothing too memorable.

Myze3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


While I completely disagree with your overall sentiment with ID, I will say that they haven't produced or developed any really good game in over 10 years (Quake 3 Arena was their last really good game). If someone doesn't agree, please tell me a really good game since then (Doom 3? Quake 4? Enemy Territory? Not terrible, but definitely not great, and two of those are from Raven Software). No one can legitimately deny ID's or Carmack's accomplishments with the creation of the FPS with Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, but I feel that Rage will be a test to see if they are still capable of releasing games that are more than just technically impressive.

I'm sure some will disagree with this, but as far as I know, it's ok to be skeptical (at least a little bit) of a developer that has taken a 10 year break from being top tier. I am, personally, expecting the game to be great, but time will tell if that expectation is reached.

vsr3202d ago Show
Thrillhouse3202d ago

*Pulls out Console War battle book and burns it.*

*Continues to enjoy playing games on both his PS3 and 360*

TenSteps3201d ago

*Re-creates Console War Battle Book and throws it at the comments section again*

*Continues to enjoy playing games on both PS3 and X360 while enjoying humorous comments*

evrfighter3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Id has a lot of ground to make up. People are beginning to wise up and realize it wasn't piracy that made their sales slump. It was mediocrity.

If you were a pc gamer when quake wars came out did you buy

quake wars
unreal 3
or cod4?

the gamers chose tf2 and cod4 and the dev's for the first 3 went on to blame piracy. Though Crysis went on to sell a few million when hardware caught up.

That said I'm looking forward to RAGE. I'm probably one of the few on my steam list that does though. Which is why I say they have a lot of ground to make up.

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SaberEdge3202d ago

I hope the PS3 version truly does run at 60FPS with no compromises like screen tearing or lack of anti-aliasing, because I really want to buy more multiplatform games for my PS3.

jambabie693202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

but i get the feeling you feel like i do saber. i mean hell the ps3 is almost 4 yrs old and i still feel like before i buy a multiplat for mine i'm playing russian roulette.

granted in MOST cases it's gotten better, and i think rage will be one of those cases that it will be fine. also man do like me kinda lol and keep in my mind, some things are exaggerated so much that those on the internet make mtns outta mole hills- happens a lot with multiplats these days.

why i like demos- i can dl the ps3 demo and the 360 demo and see some what for myself- but you can't go buy that 100%. all i do is mainly look for performance issues that are real bad, like you mentioned and i pay attention to the controls. also i go buy how long the demo was released before the full version- but that's not 100% neither.

it's a shame 4 yrs later some of us like you and me still feel this way. some of these devs really need to get it together. i understand money and time restraints, but shit it's been 4 years, and either way i spend 60 bucks- i think if i buy it for my ps3, i should atleast get the same experience as the ones that buy that EXACT SAME GAME for 60 bucks on their 360.

see ya.

ThanatosDMC3202d ago

Get Fallout 3: GOTY if you dont all ready have it.

SmokeyMcBear3202d ago

don't worry. Usually the ps3 multiplatform games are the ones getting free DLC... well that's unless you don't like free DLC.

n4gno3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Screen tearing is an xbox speciality, first, and second, most of the best games are exactly the same, sometimes a little better for one or other, but nothing like xbox fanboyz want to believe !

by the way, uggly xfanboyz like saber, jambabie and others trying to pretend they have a ps3, they care about ps3 version, just to troll a little more, is really pathetic, lies = no bubble.

*"rage" game, the new hope for xfanboyz, i knew i would have seen tons of xfanboyz, with their stupid agree/disagrees, like on npd numbers (when 2 months in a year xbox is doing better than the others)

edit : some guys, are jumping on news for a demo comparision for mafia, only when ps3 port is not as good as it would have been, and keep thinking mafia is a bad port, even if after that news, another news specify clearly that the definitive version is way better, and prove it with screenshots (grass, hello) !! poor xbrain living in dreamland, always choosing to remember the one or two little thing that don't hurt them (reality is hard, with 4 millions more ps3 then xbox sold last year, more games sold on ps3, best exclusives, graphics, bluray, best motion controler, 3D, etc)

xYLeinen3202d ago

There will be no AA for console versions of Rage. Announced at Quakecon.

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bnaked3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I hate such articles..

Just tell us, which version looks better!!! 360 or PS3?

aGameDeveloper3202d ago

On the big screens, it was not possible to really see any difference (they all looked beautiful). I'm sure the PC will support higher resolutions and better filtering, of course.

Darkfocus3202d ago

lol some tool actually thinks the pc version won't look better.

Eiffel3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


Eiffel3202d ago

Yeah Doom, wasn't memorable at all, nor was Wolfenstein, Quake... /s

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talltony3202d ago

All the fanboys were talking so much crap about the ps3 version of rage because it was running under 30 fps on ps3 and 60 on 360. And I said why don't u guys just wait until John carmack figures it out and now it looks like he did. The ps3 is now running at 60fps and you guys basically owned urself.

solar3202d ago

but what resolution on the consoles?

raztad3202d ago

A very good question indeed. Is there any AA? dynamic environments?

fatstarr3202d ago

man if there is an even ground between all 3 that means something is not being pushed to the limits.

Its like if they showed you x game running 60fps same graphics and everything on ps3 wii and 360
people would be complaining going the game can look better... same theory and concept

gtamike3202d ago

changing disks is so last gen

Letros3201d ago

Using any disks is so last gen

vhero3202d ago

60fps on any next gen console manes the graphics are gonna take a hit.. I am sorry but it's true..

IcarusOne3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I would love to see frame rates on a 24fps scale. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I don't really like 60fps. It feels to arcadey. Forza's races run @ 60fps, but the replays scale down to something like 48 - maybe even 24. The result: something that looks much more like a movie. It takes on that epic quality of motion that you only get from something cinematic. It also allows the game to boost other graphical tidbits like depth of field, AA, and poly counts.

Another good example is Bioshock. As is, I think the game is capped around 48fps, which is a variant of 24fps (the frame rate all movies are shot in). In the options, you can unlock the framerate and it jumps up toward 60, maybe even higher. And it looks like shit.

If your goal is something cinematic, why do they ignore the framerates? They strive to copy everything else that filmmakers do, why not the motion?

mega BIG time3201d ago

why is the ps3 the slow loader?

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HorsePowerr3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

They forgot to mention the 360 version crashed lol.

niceguywii603202d ago

PS3 needs more of you according to #3's post.

Scotland-The-Brave3202d ago

Awww dont cry man, its ok
"gives you a hug"
There, you feeling better?

MaximusPrime3202d ago

yep its true. xbox 360 crashed

Cold 20003202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Who cares man, the version shown at E3 in front of the whole planet was the 360 version and was running as smooth as a mugerfukr.

3202d ago
Karooo3202d ago

didnt stop trolling in npd and mafia 2 threads why? hypocrite.

BigTwitchy3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


What exactly did he say that leads you to believe he is calling you all ps3 fanboys? All he said was basically "yeah it crashed but it ran great before." I dont see a problem with that.

Erotic Sheep3202d ago

He did say it but edited his comment as you can see. So that's why..

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comp_ali3202d ago ShowReplies(4)
killalot1003202d ago

yup my friend was there and told me about it and he says that the ps3 and 360 versions look exactly the same. im might go see it later today if they have a live demo running.

KratosGirI3202d ago

Aren't you the same guy who posted that article about Joystiq saying the 360 version crashed and turned the whole article about that problem instead the original article being the release date just for some desperate hits?


Sony3603202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Didn't fail to mention that the Ps3 version took longest to load though.

I guess none of this matters though because it's not the final product, tool.

turgore3202d ago

they also didn't mention the PS3 version took the longest to load.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"The biggest differences between the platforms--again, the game is a year out from release and still in development--are the load times. The PC version shot ahead of the consoles, while the Xbox 360 loaded next. The PS3 version lagged behind, but this could easily be chalked up to the ongoing development process and not be representative of the final product."

What's this?

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La Chance3202d ago ShowReplies(3)
Game-ur3202d ago

Disc swapping multiple DVDs with the 360 version is a bigger bother than a few seconds of loading time if we want to be real.

Dlacy13g3202d ago

Well...given we can install the game on the 360, I will hedge bets that Id Software makes it so if you do install the game on the 360 then you will only need disc 1 to play...similar to what Forza 3 does.

and if you want to be real....load times typically are not a problem...but in a game say like Mod Nation Racers load times were excessive and LONG. I would have given a limb to get up and swap a disc to speed that pile along. Don't discount how bothersome load times can be "if" they are too long.

That all said...I have no idea how long the load times are for any of the games so this really may be a non-issue.

Game-ur3202d ago

Were all talking "what if" her, the game is a year away, so a flamwar is premature, but honestly the only real advantage will be with a power PC.

But if this game doesn't have a decent story, I won't get it if it ran at 600fps.

Human Analog3202d ago

Yeah but at 600FPS it would be over really quickly ;)

Foliage3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Hey Dlacy... you probably would have given a limb to be able to play Mod Nation Racers... which is funny, because people who actually own a PS3 didn't care about that game much... but you xbots have no games, and much worse load times.

See GT5 versus F3... GT5 is heads and shoulders... heck and knees above F3 in all categories, but it loads faster...

You have extra limbs to go around, since Microsoft gives you one of their "limbs" often.

gamer20103202d ago

Keep sucking that Sony limb, Foliage. You obviously like it.

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ProjectVulcan3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

PC always wins on loads times anyway. Large Desktop 3.5 hard drives are much faster than smaller 2.5 drives used on the consoles. Mafia 2 demo loads so quick on PC that i honestly dont have time to read the first line of the writing on the load screen! Seriously the demo loads literally in about 5 seconds on a good PC from the main menu and that writing is displayed for a second at most! I only managed to read what it said when i tried the console demos lol

CernaML3202d ago

"The Xbox 360 version also crashed at one point. "If it was finished, we'd ship it," Willits quipped."

What's this?

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jay23202d ago

I hope they fix the PS3 virsion, but I'm buying the PC virsion because I'm constaly upgrading my powerhouse of a gaming PC, so I'll be playing +Doom 4 maxed out.

Lucreto3202d ago

We don't know the set up of the demos. The PS3 version may not have been installed on a HDD.

UnSelf3202d ago


what VIRsion are you getting again?


SOAD3202d ago

Id should have pushed for 30 frames per second. The textures in the game actually look quite low-res when you look at them up close.

Unicron3202d ago

I noticed that too indoors, glad I'm not the only one.

My question is, how's the gameplay?

DigitalAnalog3202d ago

Compared to "other" 60FPS games like *cough Call of *cough Dooties. The game looks phenomenal and may set the standard for any 60FPS game.

-End statement

CrippleH3202d ago

Yup COD textures are one of the ugliest textures I've seen this generation.

SOAD3202d ago

That doesn't matter, though.

Yes, the game looks really great, but it's weird that when I look at a texture up close, it looks really bad. I don't know how Id did it.

Anyway, I think since consoles are generally not powerhouses, 30 frames per second is what all console games should run at unless it's a fighting game, a hack and slash, a racing game, or some other type of closed-environment game where higher fps won't compromise the game.

nickjkl3202d ago

implying all textures arent ugly when looked at up close