Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's hunters and new monsters display

Capcom Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, another big game is coming in Monster Hunter franchise for PlayStation Portable. The game structure is like the previous series. It is a hunting action game that puts the hunter of a fearless position to fight over these ferocious monsters. New features, weapons, hunters and monsters have added into this 3rd series to get the game more difficulty...

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Myst3204d ago

Quite sad that the PSP version looks and is more appealing than the Wii version :/

CrazyForGames3204d ago

correction: looks and is more appealing TO YOU

i already have mh3 and so far im not seeing any reason as to why this would look or be more appealing than the mh3 i already own

Myst3204d ago

I have mhtri as well, but having all the old weapons, [supposedly] tri monsters and more monsters added to this one with more attack animations makes this a whole lot better.

CrazyForGames3204d ago

ill always have online in mh mh3 can't really say the same about this game seeing as how all the others haven't had online
not a fan of ad hoc

anyways bottom line is im not a fan of full priced expansion packs

baker_boi3203d ago


It's apparent that your first Monster Hunter game was Tri so imma have to tell you to shut up here. Cause obviously you've never played with all the weapon sets are used any of the old armor sets/ fought the monsters.

So you can't know what you're talking about.

And here's a lil blurb FYI: This game features infrastructure AND AD HOC mode. You get two part Fylnx's whose wepons and armor you can customize.

Not only that it features most of the monster out of Tri, a few old ones, and a couple all new ones.

It's fair to say this is a more appealing game feature wise than Monster Hunter 1.3.5 on the Wii.

That's if you're a Monster Hunter fan.

CrazyForGames3203d ago

oh no someones opinion is different than my own i have to quickly go on the defensive
you should take your own advice and shut up here

ive been hunting since monster hunter then i made the jump to MH2 then freedom untie ive been hunting since the start

did you not read my comment did you not read where i said IM NOT A FAN OF ADHOC i will take the dedicated online ive been getting in MH3 over slight infastructure and any form of adhoc any day of the week anyone that says other wise is kidding themselves

since i already own MH3 on the wii this game is nothing but an expansion pack to me since i already own MH3

Kors3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Monster Hunter Freedom 3 aka Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is a NEW game, not a expansion pack.

- - - - -

The new base of operations for your hunting is Yukumo Village, a mountain village that's known for its hot springs. This village has a Japanese taste to it, both from its design to its residents.

This may come as a surprise if you were expecting a quick update to Freedom Unite or even Wii's Monster Hunter 3.

Freedom 3 is actually based off neither those two games. Ichinose took particular care to note how the game has changed from the last PSP title. "The majority of the game has been remade. Because of this, monster movement and graphics have become markedly better, and the breadth of expression has expanded. I expect you to make lots of new discoveries while out on the hunt, stuff like 'they can have this many monsters move with this quality of visuals' and 'You can even do this."

- - - - -

This version introduces new regions, monsters, and a revised Felyne combat system.

EYEamNUMBER13203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

i agree with part of what crazy is saying

hes saying he already owns MH3 so portable 3 is pretty much just an expansion pack to him and i actually have to agree on that part

portable 3 is pretty much MH3 with a feudal japan skin and the obvious extras hence why it can be seen as an expansion pack if you already own MH3 that's the way i myself see it

baker_boi3198d ago


You don't sound like you been playin since MH 1 if you callin MHP3 an "Expansion Pack".

When MH Tri doesn't even have half the equip (by quantity or type) MH2 did.

And you sayin you imported a PS2 to play MH2 on? You know that shit aint even come out in the U.S. I been on MH from the beginning too but I never did get to play 2.

And "Slight" Infrastructure? WTF is "Slight" Infrastructure? You either playin Online or you not.

And look at that Gimped ass Online on Wii. Yall cant even get more than 4 in a room and you supposed to have 10, at least, 8.

But since you so opinionated, and think a new game is an Expansion pack, why don't you take Tri back to the store as it would count as a Contraction pack, having half the content of the other games in the series.

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Nugundam00793203d ago

Yea whatever-Take your wii hate somewhere else

Myst3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

You say that but the fact of the matter is the PSP does have more content than than the Wii version that's all I'm saying. So I guess stating anything that has been showcased as being more robust than anything else automatically designates that person as a Wii hater?

If I hate the Wii so much then why was I praising Monster Hunter Tri so much before in various articles? Rising to at least HR - 80 on the game as well? Check Coffeewithgames various submissions and you will see that I posted in his articles many times on the game and even some of the reviews when it came out.

This isn't Wii 'hate' as you so deemed it but more so frustration that they couldn't have done this all on the Wii.

So before you try to jump down someone's throat at least get a good understanding of what they are after.

Myst3203d ago

Well seeing as Crazy is not a fan of ad-hoc I can see why he would not like this. Personally I'm always on the move pretty much so that's why I enjoy this. As I said in a reply to Nu it's more so frustration that all of this wasn't put on the Wii version. It always seems the portable versions are jam-packed with more things.

ClownBelt3203d ago

I detest the control scheme of this game.

Quagmire3203d ago

I hope this one is story driven

xAlmostPro3203d ago

hurry up and come to ps3 :( *wishes*