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GameInformer: "In taking a chance with Guardian of Light, Crystal Dynamics rediscovered Lara’s latent potential. For those of you concerned with the direction this ancillary title has taken, rest easy. We now know that Lara Croft is as versatile as she is flexible."

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N4GAddict3204d ago

Great score. I might be interested now.

number473204d ago

Looking at the screenshot only makes me cringe even more. Co-Op shooting & spearing monsters? Come on.

I remember a game where you were a tombraider. The gunplay was really secondary to the exploring/treasure hunting. You'd go hours without really needing to shoot.

People hyped/smeared Uncharted as Duderaider, which I was excited for. Until I actually played it and realized Uncharted was nothing like Tombraider 1 or 2 at all. It was just a third person shooter with elements of puzzles that were spelled out for you.

I'd kill for another actual exploring type game, slower paced, enjoyable with these amazing visuals of todays machines. Its as if every game devolves into a shooter some how thanks to tha A.D.D ridalin addicted fps crowd. Heck, even if they released the game, I imagine people just buying the treasures as dlc.


Oh, Hitman would be nice too.

NecrumSlavery3204d ago

Looks interesting. A new art style is welcomed as well. Is this a complete game? I know there's no online mode yet, but what is this I hear about DLC for this DLC game?

Acquiescence3204d ago

Could just be initial hyperbole, but you never know.

KILLERAPP3204d ago

Lara Croft is back!!!!!

Rampaged Death3204d ago

I'll probably download it straight away. Watched the Giant Bomb Quick Look earlier and it was very good.

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