Kung Fu Rider – PlayStation Move’s Most Unique Launch Title

PlaystationBlog: When PlayStation Move launches in North America this September, there will be no doubt about which game is the weirdest – it’s Kung Fu Rider. At our past Move Meet-ups, I’ve been describing this game as the latest in the escaping-from-the-mafia-on-off ice-furniture genre.

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btk3202d ago

I'm thinking... no...
Will be getting Move - but not for this game

SilentNegotiator3202d ago

So.....what's MORE unique coming to Move?

Well, other than Echocrome II, that's pretty unique.

Jinxstar3202d ago

Unique? Not much. Fun? A whole lot. Time crisis and dead space extraction have already sold me on at least one controller.

bruddahmanmatt3202d ago

I remember when I saw Sony showing the first demo for this game at GDC earlier this year. I thought it was one of the weirdest most whack games I've seen in a while yet it was strangely appealing mostly due to the fact that're trying to outrun baddies on office furniture. LOL. Not sure if it'll be worth the $40 asking price for a full Blu-ray Move release but we'll see as the game gets closer to launch. Gotta say it looks better than paddling an imaginary raft down a river while trying to grab balloons and posing for pictures though.

btk3202d ago

Not about what is unique. About what works well, enjoyable etc.
Maybe skiing

Now for a racing game - get a steering wheel. What the hell is up with trying to make karting games for motion controls. It is stupid.

cliffbo3202d ago

when i first saw this i hated the idea, but i've grown to actually like it. not the best game in my opinion, but fun

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Strangest Game.

jack_burt0n3202d ago

Its great, surprisingly deep game and it does feel like a ssx crazy taxi mashup and its pretty funny.

Jinxstar3202d ago

Kinda reminds me of jet set radio... In a strange way...

multipayer3202d ago

Wow, that game would play so much better with a standard controller... May have been actually a decent, not great, downloadable game...

multipayer3202d ago

Whatever. Let me recommend a game for all you disagrees, Tony Hawk Ride. You'll love it...

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The story is too old to be commented.