GamerGeekFeed : Our Top Five Predictions For GamesCom 2010

GamerGeekFeed Writes : With GamesCom just around the corner everyone’s gearing up and heading to Germany to take part in the European event known as GamesCom.

Last year at GamesCom 2009 some big announcements were made such as Fable 3, PlayStation 3 Slim, PSP-Go, VidZone plus many more announcements. So what have the big companies got install for us this year? This is our top five predictions for GamesCom 2010.

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sparvez3200d ago

i think maybe predictions 4 and 5 may happen doubt any of the others will happen. could be wrong though. most of the show is going to more of blow outs of things from e3 i think. lots of move and kinect info and of course the big 2 gt5 and halo reach. i reckon it will be a so-so conferfence. cum on sony (im a sony die hard) and microsoft blow me away. gamers peace