Resident Evil's Ada Wong is the Cosplay Babe of the Week

GFB: "When it comes to gaming, one thing is for sure, we like our female leads to be tough. The ability to kick zombie butt is always a bonus too. That's why this week we've chosen a character who's both tough and considered to be quite attractive in addition to knowing exactly how to handle herself when dealing with a possible zombie apocolypse."

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vgn243204d ago

Jill beats Ada hands down any day. Ada only really appeared in 2,4, and some extra missions.

VG_Releaser3204d ago

A chick wearing shoulder pads and a bullet-proof vest are not and will never be hotter than a lady silk red dress.

GunShotEddy3204d ago

Here's the real question. Who fights zombies dressed like that?

kennykramer3204d ago

One of my favorite games on the GameCube was Resident Evil 4.

BattersUp3204d ago

About the only good thing these guys are good for is cosplay. Useless for everything else.

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