Opinion: Do gamers REALLY want innovation and creativity?

Gamesradar writes:

There's a perpetual irony within the gaming community. We're constantly decrying the sequel-heavy dearth of originality in today's safe-bet-driven industry, yet time and time again the imaginative, artistic and flair-filled games that Gamesradar claim Gamesradar want absolutely tank while gamers all play more Call of Duty. So Gamesradar think it's time to ask what Gamesradar really want. Do People want to take chances on new experiences, or are People secretly much happier just taking more of what people know gamers like?

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GWAVE4603d ago


We simply want solid, fun games. Halo has never been innovative nor creative yet because the gameplay is so solid, it is one of the most popular FPSs in the industry.

Darkstorn4603d ago

Adam Sessler did an excellent soapbox on this topic.

He found it disturbing that gamers reacted so negatively to Sucker Punch's changes for Cole in inFamous 2. Sessler compared it to the elderly fearing change in their medicare plan.

I think Sessler has a point, but for the most part we DO enjoy innovative experiences, it's just that we are skeptical of changes that may hinder our gaming experience somewhat. I think it's sad that a young generation has such an aversion to changing gameplay mechanics, but I realize that the fear of change in our medium is not universal.

NecrumSlavery4603d ago

Gamers fear change. That's why DLC Games sell so well. DLC games are usually the most creative and original, at least as of late, and gamers will put out $10 to try something different. But for $60, many gamers only buy what everyone else buys. When 15 mil peeps buy MW2 over LBP or Alan Wake, people can clearly see there is a problem. open your mind people.

dillydadally4603d ago

Oh man, I think this article is way off base - all the games he mentioned didn't fail because they were innovative - they failed for other reasons - those games failed because they weren't appealing to it's target audience or the word didn't get out about them. Jet Set Radio? Looked fruity and was about spray painting (I played it and enjoyed it, but can you see why it wouldn't catch a lot of interest?). Mad World was overly gruesome on a platform used for family activities. Games like Psychonauts fail because the creator didn't do a good job of making it appealing to its audience - it looked weird and people didn't get what it was about at the time.

On the other hand, the games he attacked, like CoD and Halo, became what they are today because they WERE innovative. The perks, killstreaks, challenges, unlocks and experience system in COD4 revolutionized the industry. Halo has a different style of gameplay than any other shooter (consistantcy rather than frantic) and also revolutionized the industry over and over again with controls, a map making mode on consoles, a theater mode, matchmaking, etc. These games are incredibly innovative and that's how they got their fan base. All we see now though is their huge fan base and the most recent iteration which just built off the original innovative ideas, but you're not going to crack into this industry without innovation. Just look at the FIRST game in these series to see how they innovated and originally got their fan base.

n4gno4603d ago (Edited 4603d ago )

[email protected] and cod ""inovations"&a mp;q uot;, you probably did'nt have a pc before that diddidadally ? unreal tournament and others say hello to you.

"Ps3 gamers do. "

you are right, but not all of them ;)
@osu gamer, he don't say "xbox gamers don't", so you are wrong, and it's a fact that ps3 gamers like more variety, and quality games, xbox only gamers are not that open minded, or real gamers)

Dac2u4602d ago (Edited 4602d ago )

If the games in the article were actually marketed like MW2, they would have sold far better than they did. It's not that gamers don't want these games, it's that the publishers are afraid to market a game that hasn't been proven to be a seller. So, word never really gets out about these games. I had to actively hunt, to find Psychonauts, I was searching through countless reviews to find a game I might be interested it. I came upon Psychonauts and read some really great reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I had never heard of the game until I found it in a list of reviews.

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SeanRL4603d ago

Sometimes, games don't always need to innovate, they just need to be fun. Murdering zombies isn't all that creative or new but we all love LFD2.

Nate-Dog4603d ago (Edited 4603d ago )

@Gwave + PSfan: It depends on what sort of genre it is at times. I mean particularly with games like FPS' you tend to have the same sort of gameplay since once one system is found to be good and enjoyable, people want more of the same but with minor tweaks here and there. But it doesn't just apply to how games play in regards to their engines, I mean think of differences with story modes, extra items and weapons you can use, changes between 2D and 3D, etc.

Even with things like LFD2 or even simply the zombie mode on Call of Duty, yeah it may work how it is, but certain things will always need to be changed or tweaked so that the player gets a different and better experience and so that they keep coming back for more. The only exception to this that I find it MW2 in comparison to CoD4, because it literally took the same story and same gameplay, and just put in different guns and perks and bang - they expect full price for it.

I suppose that's how I see innovation anyway, I love to see brand new IP's from thrid-parties that have never been heard of before or games in genres that have never really been explored before (LBP being an example of both). But still, even things like series that have the same sort of idea going through it most of the time, you always need to freshen things up with new ideas and new ways to play.

pippoppow4603d ago

Played so many similar games for over 30 years that an original game is very welcome. Now it isn't a deal breaker but can make a great game something truly special.

DigitalAnalog4603d ago

But the game it utilizes MUST be solid or else some other devs would take advantage and take credit for what it did.

-End statement

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4603d ago
gillri4603d ago (Edited 4603d ago )

Great article, Okami is simply the most beautiful game I have played, in my top 5 games of all time but it sold awful
dont people read at all1? it has a metacritic score of 93 so why didnt more people buy it1?

Psychonauts is another extremeley overlooked game which I played only recently, very funny, unique and clever, Jet Set Radio also (and the sequel), which I had for the DC and loved

Guys!! if your any kind of action adventure fan, get Okami!

ChronoJoe4603d ago

I buy games I like the look of. The only genre I'm intimidated by is flight combat... I can't play those.

rhood0224603d ago

A small percentage of gamers..maybe.

But the majority of people who play games? No.

All you have to look at is what games sell to see that innovation and creativity mean jack s*it. From Mario to Halo to God of War, and everything in between, developers will stick with what works and publishers will publish what makes them the most money. While taking a chance (Brutal Legends, Okami, etc) every so often.

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