Teletext: Red Dead: Legends & Killers Review

Teletext's Roger Hargreves writes "Just because a game is good doesn't mean its downloadable content is as well.

In fact there's almost an inverse relationship where the better a game is the more likely that its downloadable extras will be pointless rip-offs.

We wouldn't use quite such strong language for this simple multiplayer update, but it's very hard to see it as sensible value for money."

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rroded3928d ago

4/10 eh id still pick it up if i had cash ta burn RDR is a blast online.

TheLastGuardian3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

They're right about most of the new maps being not well built for multiplayer, I disagree with them about the multiplayer not being fun. Getting kills is so satisfying. The Tomahawk is overpowered but it makes up for it because the aim is way off. I mostly bought this for the maps so I wouldn't be as bored while I continue to rank up but I still have to play the shitty maps in between the good ones. Unless you really like the multiplayer, I wouldn't suggest picking up this DLC. I'd give it a 6/10.