Think Limbo’s too short? You’re missing the point entirely

VGD writes: "Limbo is a game that makes a point about length – or rather, about a quality all games possess that renders the notion of length meaningless."

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dirigiblebill3201d ago

If any of this strikes anyone as unbearably pretentious - sorry :( It's just that kind of game.

HairyArse3201d ago

I couldn't agree more. 4 hours of Limbo is worth so much more than 10 hours of Hydro Thunder.

Godmars2903201d ago

I think the point is that its $15 and short.

dirigiblebill3201d ago

And an ounce of gold is over a thousand dollars and smaller than your fist.

Godmars2903201d ago

The Scott Pilgram game is $10 and by all indication has more replay value.

Its not a question of quality but more of exclusivity.

dirigiblebill3201d ago

It's got naff all to do with exclusivity mate :) A good game is a good game is a good game, period.

Godmars2903201d ago

How isn't it about exclusivity when things like Hydro Thunder and that multiplayer Castlevina game are $15?

And I would say don't get me started on the $90 - and up! - Japanese SHMUP titles on disc that should be $10 DLs, but this is my last bubble.

Prices are about what the seller can get away with, what the market will bare. Exclusive titles deal with captive audiences to a degree, so the seller can get away with a bit more.

manuel_garcia3201d ago

Alternatively, the point is that you pay $15 for one of the best games of the year, without any filler.

Acquiescence3201d ago

For £10 I was suckered and then some. But I bought into the hype so it's my own damn fault. That's not to say I didn't enjoy my time with it, I did. But it didn't exactly leave much of an impression on me and that's largely due to the fact that the whole thing swiftly flew by in an afternoon.


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