Old vs Young - Which Gamers Are Better?

As a long time gamer (over 28 years experience) I would go ahead and class myself as an old gamer. Do not worry though as the information I have gathered for this debate was collected using a scientific method that will keep the end result unbiased despite my old age.

The main question is this, which gamers have more skill at video games, those who are young (25 and under) or those who are old (26 and over). We will be examining several categories and after weighing all the evidence we will answer this burning question.

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SHOGUN 36o3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I hate you little young shits. You can't aim to save your life... you don't have a tactical bone in your body beyond run, die, run back to same spot die again and blame it on a camper. And your little high pitched voices are irritating to my ear. But, you are of course fun to shoot. And I consider 17 and younger... young not 25 and younger when it comes to games.