Breach Preview (RunDLC)

Atomic Games received plenty of negative attention for Six Days in Fallujah, a controversial title that highlights a critical period in the ongoing Iraq war. Although it failed to find a publisher for that game, another one of its first person shooters, Breach, should make its Xbox Live debut in January 2011. From what we’ve seen, it should be worth the wait.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Smiling5353202d ago

Seems interesting...kind of like a cheaper alternative to Bad Company 2.

Buff10443202d ago

Agreed. I like where it's headed. The ability to shoot individual bricks is a nice touch.

Smiling5353202d ago

Then again, how cheap will BC2 be by the time this game comes out? Also, what really sets it apart from that game? I don't know. Will keep an eye on it.

AAACE53202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Nah, I've always got more of a Socom Confrontation feel from it! I hate waiting til january for it, but hopefully they take advantage of the extra dev time. It will only cost $15 and looks pretty good so i'll wait!

People spent $60 for Socom, so I don't think $15 will be hard for them to part with, especially for a game that could provide you with months of replay value!

Buff10443202d ago

I don't see BC2 being $15 by January. Plus, this game doesn't have to be original to succeed. Blacklight isn't a huge departure from other games, yet people love it, warts and all.

Smiling5353202d ago

Yeah I mean....I'm not arguing necessarily. This one just looks a bit generic. We've already seen the destruction in EA's series. It's been done. So what is Breach bringing to the table? That's what I really need to know. But at $15, I'm blow stuff up, sure. What gamer resists that?

BUT...$15 makes it just outside the range of an impulse buy. Same with Summer of Arcade. Limbo was great, but not worth that money.

Buff10443202d ago

No I hear you. The game does look like several titles that have come before it. However, I still think I'll download it anyway.

donniebaseball3202d ago

I'm actually very curious to see how this turns out.

Buff10443202d ago

Yeah, the destruction could make it sweet.

DelbertGrady3202d ago

Another good looking game heading to XBLA. I've had my eye on this for a while. Watched a lengthy video of it from E3.

dillydadally3202d ago

Looks great, except no game seems to be able to get first person cover right! If you're listening game makers, KEEP the cover always in first person (so you can't see around the cover unless you're also visible to the enemy) - it's unrealistic and ruins multiplayer when you can look around walls while being completely hidden yourself. Oh, and no one would really put their back to the enemy - you don't sit with your back against the wall behind cover - that's a Hollywood creation for dramatic effect. You face where you're going to pop out.