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EDGE: "Sony's Takeshi Kajii and From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki, on why the dark fantasy title has captured the imagination of players worldwide."

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kratos1232989d ago

really a nice read im hoping there will be something similair to DS in the near future we need more games like this

Active Reload2988d ago

I hope they decide to do pvp for online, to offset cost for publishers internet hosting.

AtatakaiSamurai2988d ago

demon souls does have pvp for online... havent gotten or tried out your red stones yet?

what i'll love to see in ds2 is 1v1-5v5 pvp battles... heck, i'll love to see a whole game like ds online pvp with 100vs100. With sony and the PS3, this is shown to be very possible so pls DO IT SONY!!!

Active Reload2988d ago

Pfft, I meant to say p2p. In the article they mentioned dedicated servers were really expensive for Sony. Which is probably why they had that article a few weeks back saying they would support DS's online until March of 2011. After that though, it'll probably be time to say good-bye.

rdgneoz32988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The have 2 forms of pvp for online. One is people getting invaded by phantoms who come to kill them, though it can be a 1 vs 1 black phantom or a 2 (host of the level and a blue phantom) vs 1 black phantom or a 3 vs 1, depending on if the host had summoned any blue phantoms before the black phantom got to him. The other is dropping a red stone for 1 on 1 duel, where the winner gets a soul level's worth of souls from the loser. If you mean 5 vs 5 or more, then it would be interesting though too many people would ruin the feel of it.

Edit: Ah, P2P. It will be sad when online dies in March. Though maybe if people sign a petition or such they might extend it.

AtatakaiSamurai2988d ago

i woulve never vote for a game like ds to have p2p severs. it may sound ok now but it would be fraustrating for ds gamers with lag and cheaters would have a field day.

if they somehow switch ds1 to p2p severs in 2011 instead of taking it offline altogether that may be nice for some but as long as ds2 is out i wouldn't care cause i'll be on that that instead especially with a more robust online set-up AND with dedicated servers.

dedicated servers are the way to go for gaming. we need to push developers to find ways to make this kind of service standard for gaming instead of copping out and accepting slopping out old outdated p2p. great for same shooting mechanics games sure but large and intricate battles like in ds? nah, dedicated severs ftw all day long! lol

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iHEARTboobs2989d ago

"Initially the plan was to have the game feature perma-death, where death of the character would result in the save file being erased"

lol, damn glad that didn't happen. Great read!

ranmafandude2989d ago

i don't think anyone would have bought the game if that happened.

rdgneoz32988d ago

People would have bought it, just no one would play it online for fear of black phantoms killing their hundreds of hours worth of play time.

pippoppow2988d ago

Could make for an interesting concept only if the game is easy and although you no longer play as the dead character you were playing but can continue with another character. Would add to the tension because you'd fear losing a character you like that has been built up. Losing a character and starting all over may be too much although may work for a short downloadable game.

Chubear2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

That WOULD be a welcome idea to many hard-core Demon Soul gathers. Maybe in a DS version of Elite Mode... damn, this game turns you into a gluton for pain :( lol

This game and MAG occupy virtually 80% of my online gaming time lol

Blaine2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Easily my two most rewarding gaming experiences so far this gen.

I've platted both Uncharteds, Heavy Rain, GoW3, Batman:AA, Assassin's Creed 2, and Infamous (well, I platted DS too! MAG soon...) and I've played the hell out of both Resistances, LBP, Warhawk, GTAIV, Killzone 2, and others... All this to say I've played most of the best games the PS3 has to offer through and through, and DS and MAG are the two I look back on the most fondly.

TooTall192988d ago

I play it so much it's crazy. I love Demons Souls. Did not care for mag at all.

LiquifiedArt2989d ago

Thats why i will continue to support the Playstation brand. Sony allows innovative ideas and creative freedom on risky titles, but no other system will do what the playstation does. That risk does pay off, i'm a loyal consumer for that reason.

ranmafandude2989d ago

Nintendo - only risk they took recently was the wii

Microsoft - nothing

sony - the ps1,ps2,psp and ps3

AKS2988d ago

Sony kinda passed on publishing this game worldwide in this specific instance with Demon's Souls, although they later admitted it was a mistake to do that. In many other cases what you're saying is very true. Sony has been fantastic in supporting games like their Team ICO games, Heavy Rain, and Gran Turismo, GT5. j/k ;) I'd say 90% of my gaming time is split between PS3 and PC because that's where I've found the most engrossing and unique gaming experiences. I also am a bit of an audio enthusiast and love all the 7.1 high end audio support on those two platforms.

BTW, Demon's Souls is probably my favorite game of this generation. I've played it for hundreds of hours. Sometimes I just throw my stone down in 4-1 and scrap in PVP for hours or help the newbies clear the tough bosses in 2-2 or 3-2, as I got the platinum 8 months ago. Still love the game.

lightningsax2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Actually, a bunch of core-directed, risk-taking current gen Nintendo games are gaining a cult following. Nintendo didn't just take the motion-control risk; they've given quite a bit of support to daring third-party companies. Think about Knights in the Nightmare, which was initially just a DS game. Or that Nintendo would even think of investing their cash in Treasure to make Sin and Punishment 2 (it was almost a "second-party" investment)- heck, the first game didn't even see the light of day in the States, other "mature" titles weren't selling well, and they go for an insane shooter that's only for the shmup core gamers.

Don't even get me started that the first game shown for the 3DS was a Kid Icarus title that looks like a "laser hell" version of Sin and Punishment mashed up with a bit more melee a la God of War. That's not the risk-averse Nintendo you seem to be talking about.

Still, yeah, overall in terms of home consoles (non-portable), Sony has fostered the most creativity - I'd say through PSN more than anything. Gotta love what Q and Thatgamecompany have brought to the table. Even the PSP's overlooked stuff like Half-Minute Hero, Patapon, and Patchwork Heroes were innovative and hardly looked profitable - but were a heck of a lot of fun. Microsoft does have a little bit of risk-taking - after all, they were the ones that booked Cave (Mushihimesama Futari, DeathSmiles) to release their shmups there and not on a much more appreciated Japanese console like the PS3, first as region-free importable games, and then with full-out NA releases.

But remember, as AKS above me said, Sony didn't take the risk of bring Demon's Souls to North America. That was the venerable Atlus, who stood up for it when all the big guys, including Sony America, wussed out. Atlus has been a saving grace in bringing awesome/obscure Japanese games to Westerners this generation, and don't you forget it.

ArchangelMike2989d ago

I love Demon's Souls!
I hate Demon's Souls... but I love Demon's Souls

There is no game out there that instills the sence of dread, than when you get the message flash up that a Black Phantom has invaded your game!

Needless to say, I got OWNED... and then I got OWNED again and agian!!!

Hated it, but loved it all at the same time!

wissam2989d ago

I really like this game I am level 150 now and on my second play though.

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