PS3's Free Online Could Lead to More Exclusives

Why the PlayStation 3's free online service could lead to it getting more exclusives from third party developers.

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Noble Spartan3202d ago

I agree. Xbox Live day by day is becoming less and less worth while your money as PSN is catching up to its features. PSN early days was just utter crap but to this day its improved alot.

PS3 gamers play free online isn't time for Xbox 360 gamers to also play free rather then getting scamed yearly paying £40 a year. Same time PSN players are playing for the exact same thing!

Xbox gamers should stop paying and start a petition or somthing lol. Its about time Xbox live should go free. Gameplay should be free but all other extras people can pay for it they want.

Someone start a petition.

ranmafandude3202d ago

and they are pretty much the same thing now except party chat lol. it's all about preference now.I'm getting all my multiplatform games on my ps3 from here on out, especially if they have multiplayer in them.

gtamike3202d ago

PS3 has so much exclusives and alot more are still coming

Noble Spartan3202d ago

Same as me PSN & Xbox Live! But Really on Xbox live I just playing Halo Reach for 5 years!

Lol i made a thread on xbox forums haha

come on add party chat then Xbox gamers will raise some thinking what....what we paying for?!

nickjkl3202d ago

@noble id rather xbox gamers stay on the xbox

mrcash3202d ago

You're already playing with both most people seem to own both consoles now adays, well at least most of my friends do now.

corneliuscrust3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

But cross game invites and the party system in general

With 360 you can start a party and invite all of those ppl into your game (and into your squad for some games).

With PSN I find myself having to boot up the game, then goto its multiplayer section in order to invite anyone in and they have to be playing the game also in order to accept the invite. Maybe I am just missing something though

I really wish the PSN had a system where you could send invites as part of the OS messaging system rather than on a per game basis. It's not the end of the world (you can just send some people regular messages telling them to meet you in LBP or UC2) But it would be much easier if this was all fully integrated into the OS the way 360 has it set up.

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An example:

ModNation Racers.

That game was projected to be multiplatform, but United Front Games decided to develop exclusive for PS3, because Online is free and sharing is free.

himdeel3202d ago

...and I want to buy MNR eventually but have been saving most of the year for a big fall10 and winter11 game explosion that's going to happen. It sucks that I cannot support MNR but I really do want to.

hybridtheory123202d ago

if LBP was on xbox. M$ would MAKE people pay per level they play/make OR just make you pay a yearly sum...

talltony3202d ago

From one gamer to another I highly reccommend modnation racers. Most underrated game I have ever played. I got over 100 hours in it.

himdeel3201d ago

...everybody I know that has the game absolutely loves it.

talltony3201d ago

The game is crazy addicting. I don't know anyone that has it and doesn't like it, just people that won't buy it because they think it's too kiddie. Everyone should try this game.

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NegativeCreepWA3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

What a bullshit article, Lives online fee wont lead to any PS3 exclusives from third party Dev's. Dev's have to pay for their own match making servers on PSN on Live they don't. So really its cheaper to have an online game on Live then PSN. All it takes is for some fanboy site to write an article with no facts and a ill informed opinion and everyone believes it, how ignorant can you get.

BF 1943 didn't have any problems selling on the 360.

Chuk_Chuk3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

It's easy to spot a person who hasn't read an article. If you read the article you would realise that they didn't mention anything about development costs.

Also if an indie developer choose to go execlusive with the PS3, sony pays for the development costs.

NegativeCreepWA3202d ago

Maybe you should read the article because its about multi player only games wont reach as big of an audience on Live and that Lives fees would discourage third party publishers from making online only games for the 360.

Its not talking about indie games except for a short mention of Steam works that no one knows anything about or how it will work on the PS3.

And even so look at all the arcade and indie games that are Live enabled for the 360, then look at the games on PSN that have co-op and multi player that a are not online enabled. The pixel junk games for example. That is what the Xbox Live fee is for, it goes toward paying for match making servers for big and small companies, even for the little guy that made an indie game by himself. On PSN any body that Sony doesn't publish has to to either host or rent servers for match making.

T9X693202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"so why has Sony kept online gameplay free, even though they could charge for it like Microsoft and rake in a few million dollars?"

Because Sony started off with free online with the PS2, Xbox was never free. If Sony was to change up and charge now, they would piss off and probably lose A LOT of fans, especially considering a lot of PS3 only users say they would never pay to play online.

As far as PSN being free leading to more content and exclusives, it is certainly possible, but you could say the same for XBL. Could XBL being a paid service offer more to developers because XBL profits could be used to further advance XBL offering even more possibilities, sure.

@Newtype - Yes it has, XBL has came a long way since it first started on the original Xbox, and even further with the 360. There have been countless new features added, and even with a more recent one like ESPN on XBL. Developers could find a way to use ESPN on XBL to further advanced sports games, as an example.

Newtype3202d ago

that has never happened, so no.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

It has happened and will continue to do so.

Remember, XBL (360) was limited in what it could offer due to compatibility issues with XBL on the original Xbox. As that is no longer a problem, expect to see more interesting things being done with XBL in the future (and then copied by Sony).

Redrum0593202d ago

"XBL profits could be used to further advance XBL offering even more possibilities"

that hardly ever happpens, MS usualy spends their profits on Timed exclusives or Expensive ads.
just like they spent countless millions on GT4-episodes, and just like they are spending now on HaloReach ads.

if MS were using profits to bring out more games then there would be alot more exclusives coming out this year and the next.

mrcash3202d ago

Not that I'm looking forward to it, but I'm sure all the funds that come from live definitely helped fund the kinnect project and all of the software they have been working on for kinnect.

Snakefist303202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Wat u say its utter bullsh**t.Sony Doesnt Copy anything M$ Copies Everything.Game Example SCARP METAL!!! They (M$) Copied From Twisted Metal.

corneliuscrust3202d ago

They BOTH copy a ton of stuff. To expect a company not to copy successful aspects or products is insanity. Every company on earth gets inspiration from what is currently available.

mrcash3202d ago

Trust when I say that ps3 fans, would pay if sony charged to play online. If that was the only way you could play uc2,killzone,warhawk etc, which it is. They would definitely be paying. They wouldn't be happy about it but would happen. All sony has to do is implement a nice little voice chat system and bam 3-5 dollars a month in their pocket.

bustamove3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Man, I hope so. There's so many amazing games that came out already. I haven't even beaten them all! :[

Goddamn Blazblue CS. >:[

The game is like crack at times.

MGRogue20173202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

That's why I own Modern Warfare 2 & many other MP titles on the PS3. Free Online Gaming FTW! :)

Screw Microsoft with their $50/£50 a year gold subscription, Ditched 'em a long time ago. I only play Singleplayer games on my 360 Elite from here on out. :D

ian723202d ago

I only play multi-player now and again, and because its free. Wouldn't be worth me paying to play online as I don't go online enough. I'm more of a single player gamer.

ukilnme3202d ago

You and me both. $50 a year is nothing to me but I stopped paying for Live because I hardly used it. PSN does just fine for me.

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