PSP/DS RPG scans for Aug 13

Yakuza New Chapter, Last Ranker, Metal Max 3, Solarobo, Tales of Phanatsia narikiri Dungeon X, Shining Hearts, God Eater Burst, Patapon 3, Half-Minute Hero 2, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3, Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem, and Ys vs Sora no Kisei Alternative Saga.

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Cloudberry3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Yakuza New Chapter: Black Panther new & returning characters.

Yurika, Chiaki, Sai no Hanaya (Kage in English), Sakaki (last) Tenma (first), Takenaka (last) Shouzou (first), & DJ Rikuoh.

The cut-scenes are in motion comic style a-la Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, but the character design is more close to that manga style.

In my opinion, more color & details than Peace Walker western style, which both of them looked great.

Hopefully, we didn't have to wait 1 more year for the English release......... : /

If there would be an English release.



Another scans of future new "Tales Of" for PS3.


Right image.

Looks great.



Aaaaaaaaarrrggghhh, Shining Hearts for PSP is also looked great.

Hope it would also released in English... >_>

PS: The character design reminds me of Taka Tony (T2), a hentai / porn manga artist.



I actually think that Shining Hearts character designer IS Taka Tony (T2).

RedPawn3958d ago

The Yakuza looks really cool.