Putting the XCOM in XCOM

In April, 2K announced that it intends to reboot its classic PC franchise, XCOM, as a first person shooter -- a departure from the series' strategic roots -- and with an evocative setting steeped in 1950s Americana.

More excitingly, the game is the first project from 2K Marin's Australia studio in Canberra, which previously collaborated with 2K Marin California on BioShock 2 and with Irrational Games on the original BioShock.

And as creative director Jonathan Pelling, explains, that's not the only reason to be excited by this reboot. It's not a jettisoning of the strategy elements of the classic PC game -- one which still has a passionate fan base all these years later.

Instead, he explains, it's an attempt to evoke the same feelings and add the same depth while changing the game fundamentally. To find out how the team hopes to undertake this ambitious design challenge, read on.

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