What were told about Halo 3

I am Norwegian and I thought I might tell you peoples some about the exclusive news that was told Dagbladet.

- The previewer says the framerate of the game is really great, you can see far in the distance without much clarity getting lost.
- Halo 3 is very detailed and you will fight outside of the Earth to in Halo 3.
- The game is designed so there is parts of the game where you will be "forced" to leave your vehicle to fight on foot (road blocks), and there is parts of the game that is "best" to play on foot.
- Master Chief is helped by helping soldiers (including humans) through the game by flanking, they did not say whether Master Chief had any control over them or not.
- You can dismount heavy guns and carry them with you, although it will slow you down.
- The image says in english "Daymagazine, more to talk about, door sale."

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ktchong5187d ago

How did this get approved?

nobizlikesnowbiz5187d ago

Umm. Bc it's more valid news than half the crap posted on this site.

alexander22rednaxela5187d ago

I am norwegian and i translated the important parts of dagbladet`s preview.

Maldread5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

Hey, i`m norwegian too. Nice job with the summery. Hehe i see you included a little commercial for Dagbladet too. Artige greier ;)

Halo 3 is set to be a great game too, perhaps i`ll pick up a 360 in order to play it.

Caxtus7505187d ago

"You can dismount heavy guns and carry them with you, although it will slow you down. "

no??? OMG really?!??

....did these guys play the Beta for this "exclusive"

crazyman5187d ago

OXM has said that the supporting AI's will include other spartans, which is quite cool.

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