CNG developing new tools for generating, distributing and inserting UGC on PC MMOs.

Critical Gamer writes: One of the plus points for current generation console gaming is the ease with which gamers can communicate while playing online. For PC gamers, the only way this can be done with friends is to either drop out of the game and open up an instant messenger app, get on the phone or, worse, fiddle about with ancient technology like email. Until now.

Currently in development and funded under the ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) priority of the European Union’s FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme), Community Network Game (CNG) aims to revolutionise the social element of MMO gaming on PCs and bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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scruffy_bear3205d ago

I'm very excited about this tool going to make communicate with my friends a hell of a lot easier

Mondayding3205d ago

Live video streaming? Bring it on!

user35682533205d ago

Could be good!! We wait and see...

Cubes3205d ago

About bloody time! This will be a Godsend to MMO gaming on PC's

yellowmellons3205d ago

Sounds cool, but can it be done?

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