Exclusive Extras For PlayStation Plus Members

PS Blog: Hi Guys, as promised we have some little mid month exclusive extras for all you Plus members.

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KratosGirI3206d ago

TOMB RAIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

But £8 is kinda steep >__>

gaffyh3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

WTF is wrong with Sony?? This is in no way a good deal, I mean £8?!?!?! I am only willing to pay that much for FF games because of the amount of value in them.

TheHater3205d ago

I think you mean S-E since they have the right to the TR series

Christopher3205d ago

That's kind of lame. Please note, Sony, people really don't care about one or two week timed exclusive access. They want new features and free content.

Newtype3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

how is it timed exclusive? this is a PSone classic. 360 won't and can't get this game if they wanted to.

goflyakite3205d ago

Meaning timed PS+ exclusive.

On topic, these aren't hurting anyone so I don't see why anyone would complain about anything extra.

Christopher3205d ago

@goflyakite: It's not really much of anything. It doesn't matter to me that it comes two weeks early, but I also don't consider it newsworthy at all. Their post on the EU blog makes this out to be a big deal. It just isn't. That's what I'm responding to.

vhero3205d ago

@gaffyh okay then go ask MS to sell it to you to play on your 360 then! Oh wait... you cant.. Sony don't price the PS1 games anyway they just give a RRP (retail recommended price) it's upto devs to choose the price.

lolzers3206d ago

Wow, what an exclusive deal! 2 weeks before anyone else! For a ps1 game!

On a serious note I will probably actually buy this. In 2 weeks time.

Bolts3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Tomb Raider, you have got to be kidding me. Tomb Raider was an awesome game, I played it when it first came out on my PS1 and was entranced for days. It was also one of the first few 3D accelerated games on the market when I bought a Monster 3D card for my computer back in the days. The graphics totally blew my mind.

But it's 2010, now it looks like ass.

peeps3206d ago

true, plus although not a strict remake there is tomb raider anniversary edition.

iistuii3206d ago

A 14 year old game, where do I sign up.......not.

Capdastaro3205d ago

and pay up Pompey

Taxman is awaiting...

TheMART3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Good to see PS+ EU steps up and listens to its users for not having weekly updates the first month like PS+ USA has them. At least they're right on it.

What its still lacking in, is matching the items (numbers and quality) that get rebates. Its sort of nice to get some content weeks before its official release like a PS1 game Tomb Raider, but on the other hand... I'd rather have 20, 30 or 50% off Fat Princess, Hustle Kings or any other big game on PSN store.

I am not even asking for more free content, to release through the month although that would also be win, but a few bucks here and there to save on other stuff I might just want to buy would be win win, for both users as Sony. PS+ users constantly have the feeling of having advantage having/using PS+, Sony will see more sales on hot games and boost sales that way they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

@ Corrwin (below)

Ah, an ignorant American, we love those in Europe, indeed what the guy below you says, you obviously haven't read what the coming months brings for PS+ EU:

"The EU PS+ is gonna get the whole 3rd season of Sam and Max, Abe's Odyssey for free in September."

PS+ USA doesn't have it. Sam and Max is like worth what in total 20 to 25 Euro.

darkdoom30003205d ago

I think EU has been getting better free stuff.

got LBP for free(and forever) if you gt 1 yr subscription. vs 3month extra for US.

wipeout HD both in the first month, (which i already owned)
Zen pinball vs Critter crunch (I already owned critter crunch, so EU won for me, because I was going to buy zen, but forgot.)

sam and max vs ? (never played sam and max, so yay!)

so far... 45/89 NZD paid back once sam and max comes out. fully paid off if you count LBP, ps1 games and the minis.

rroded3205d ago

bad nough you guys got the best beer but now this!!!

guess we'll jus hafta settle for having hotter women n good teeth XD

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The story is too old to be commented.