P2C: Deathspank Review

Deathspank is an utterly ridiculous game. I know the title doesn’t exactly suggest realism or any sensibility, but I thought it best to get that out of the way to begin with. Anybody expecting an RPG along the lines of a simplified Oblivion is well and truly in the wrong place, as Deathspank takes a more satirical approach to the genre.

The game revolves around the world’s saviour and hero, Deathspank who lacks the usual charm and personality of your general hero, instead proving to be more comical and outlandish than you could ever imagine. His interactions with NPC’s are easily some of the funniest you will have seen in gaming. Humour forms a large majority of this game’s success, with early examples such as Deathspank trying to get his “hands on a fisherman’s tackle-box”, and asking if “Red Delicious” was an apple’s stripper name. I won’t expose any more of the game’s humour, but rest assured this game is a laugh-a-minute experience.

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