Jaffe: "I Don't Know" - Sensationalist Headline FTW!

Ironstar: "Before I even begin to touch on the purpose of this article I must say -- Jaffe -- I got you b*tch. That's right I succeeded Jaffe, I made the dreaded Jaffe quoted, hit-seeking, flame-baiting, sensationalist article title, namely, Jaffe: "I Don't Know". Although I'm not a journalist (as I'd prefer not to be called), Jaffe I must say, you cannot win this game."

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Trackboss3203d ago

LMAO N4G Gamer sensationalist headline FTW!!

Kerrby3203d ago

God I hate Ironstarmovement.

Such a shit shit that produces nothing of quality.

I hope it gets blacklisted along with HipHopGamer.

Treezy5043203d ago

Mr. Jaffe at times can be a pretty funny guy

RedDead3203d ago

Hahahaha, what a legend

"I have a fever so....fuck you"

Sigh3203d ago

all I read was "I win Jaffe, I win and you know it + I sent an inbox to you to show you how much I won"

Let the dude work on the game and judge the game when the final product is out.

"You clearly said in your video, DO NOT, "N4G gamer", publish a sensationalist article intending to make you seem like you hate your game but I've done it, and there's nothing you can do about it." -- wait, wtf is a "do not"?

Sigh3203d ago

of course, a disagree from one of Ironstar's peeps. Lol. Respects to Treezy tho!

BBAM3203d ago

There's a new twisted metal coming out?
Alot of good living under a rock did me.

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The story is too old to be commented.